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Crypto Traders Cheer News from France and Iran

The market of cryptocurrencies is developing a gradual rally in light of the mixed news from France and Iran. France decided to slash a cryptocurrency income tax rate to 19% from 45% earlier. Today, bitcoin is trading near $9,000 per token. However, experts say that the price of the most popular cryptocurrency will hardly recover above this level. The bitcoin rally is capped due to the news from Iran. Iran's central […]

Bears Take Control Over Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market has entered the correction zone, reversing a strong rally. Bitcoin is losing ground. Its quotes are approaching the level of $9,000 after hitting the monthly high. One of the reasons behind depreciation of most cryptocurrencies is the news from China. Reportedly, the police of Tianjin city confiscated about 600 computers that were used for mining bitcoins. Beijing took the hard line on cryptocurrencies. One of the PayPal founders Bill […]

Cryptocurrency Market Regains Bullish Momentum

The cryptocurrency market also attracts the attention of the traders this week. The virtual money advances, hitting 6-week high. Bitcoin quotes added about 4% breaking the level of $9,000. Experts predict that this cryptocurrency can reach as high as $9,500. The cryptocurrency with the second biggest capitalization, the ethereum, also rose by almost 6%, approaching the level of $690. Remarkably, market participants became less sensitive to decisions of most global banks to take […]

Appetite for Risk Increases

The market tensions have eased, enabling the greenback to gain ground and the safe haven assets to correct their movement. Gold has retreated from the 11-week high and is trading near the level of $1,345 per troy ounce. Appetite for risk increases, but worries over tension in the Middle East persist. Investors shift their attention to the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin has skyrocketed, breaking the level of $7,600. The second biggest cryptocurrency, ether is […]

Monday’s Slump in Russian Stocks Continues

The Russian stock market slightly corrected after the collapse on Monday. The demand for Russian assets is still low. Geopolitical factors are still influencing the situation. Traders keep an eye on the situation in Syria. US President Donald Trump threatened to punish those responsible for an alleged chemical attack in Syria. According to reliable sources, the US has already started preparations for a military operation. The US Navy ships were underway in the eastern Mediterranean. The US […]

Ethereum vs. Bitcoin: What Sets Them Apart?

You have probably heard of bitcoin but what about ethereum. There is an arms race going on in the world of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin and ether are leading the pack. Ether is a 3-year old digital currency which has been largely flying under the radar despite growing at breakneck speed. Investors have been super bullish on bitcoin, because it has nearly tripled in 2017, Ether has gained by 4,000% year-to-date. […]

Traders Appreciate Safe Haven Assets

Political developments are making a grave impact on financial markets this week. Speculators are increasing long positions on safe haven assets. Today, gold jumped by over 0.5%. The precious metal rose in value above $1,345 per troy ounce. Market participants are worried that the escalating trade conflict between the US and China could undermine advance of the global economy. No wonder, most investors consider gold to be […]

How Cryptocurrency Works

There is bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. So, what is cryptocurrency? How does it work? Essentially, it is digital money that is bought and sold online. There are no bills or coins. It is not based on another asset like gold. And it does not go through traditional financial institutions like banks. Instead these currencies operate in a completely decentralized system that uses […]

Technical Factors Influence Trading Instruments

Today, the GBP/USD pair stopped its growth and started correction. Now, the pair is trading around 1.3950. Experts note that market participants are partially fixing profits after the pair growth to 1.4060 amid strong statistics published last week. According to some strategists, the UK's national currency is supported by the statement made by the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England at the weekend about the probable interest rate hike in the near future. […]

What to Expect from Bitcoin on New Year’s Eve?

Cryptocurrency gradually recover their losses after a steep fall on Christmas holidays. Today, bitcoin is approaching the 2-week peak. The virtual currency is close to the level of $16,000, trading near $15,600. Interestingly, last week, bitcoin plunged by almost 50%, creating turmoil on the market. Traders joke that those losers who were too slow to sell bitcoin joined those whose who were too slow to buy it. […]