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Cryptocurrencies to Win Back Losses

After a sharp drop, prices of cryptocurrencies are making efforts to regain earlier losses. On bitfinex trading floor, bitcoin surged by over 5% to trade at above $6,400 a token. Experts say that the rally in the cryptocurrency market is propelled by expectations of an important event. In June, a US investment company in tandem with developer of crypto assets applied to the US Security and Exchange Commission for the establishment of a crypto fund. The Commission delayed taking a decision until […]

Cyber Attacks Limit Rise in Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies started this trading week in positive mood, demonstrating gradual increases. Today, bitcoin is trading slightly below the level of $6,600. Remarkably, a rise in quotes of virtual money was boosted by comments of the Chief Executive Officer of a big Swiss financial holding. He supported the blockchain technology. Sergio Ermotti said that this technology, can make businesses more effective. However, a rise in bitcoin quotes is limited today. […]

Crypto Traders Resume Purchases

Considerable changes took place in the crypto market. Bitcoin left bears behind and headed towards the weekly high. The digital asset is rising, getting close to the mark of $7,500. Experts link the uptrend to correction after a long slump. It was the news that the US started investigation into the manipulation of the cryptocurrency rates that undermined bitcoin. As analysts had supposed earlier, digital assets completely depend on news. Yesterday, the South Korean […]

Crypto Assets Going Lower amid Negative Background

The downtrend has resumed in the cryptocurrency market. Experts suppose that sales will continue for quite long time. The reason behind the decline in digital assets its tighter control over the cryptomarket in several countries. The United States has started criminal investigations into bitcoin rate manipulations. Canada also brings to light fraudsters who sell tokens illegally. Today, bitcoin is trading at $7,200 a piece after losing around $300 […]

Buyers of Oil and Cryptocurrencies Regain Confidence

Market players on forex are anticipating macroeconomic data from the US. Meanwhile, oil traders are vigorously buying crude futures. Oil prices rose to multiyear highs on Tuesday. The Brent Crude Benchmark grade is approaching $80 a barrel. Oil prices find support mainly from the decision of Washington to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran and reimpose sanctions against Tehran. Such developments are viewed as the first signal […]

Cryptocurrency Comparison

Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency, and still the biggest by market cap, but with slowing transaction speeds, and high energy usage, some newer cryptocurrencies offered technical breakthroughs that could challenge its position as the market leader. Let's take a look at some of the contenders. Litecoin was designed to be the silver as compared to bitcoin as gold, with a maximum supply of 4 times that of its rival. This means that its price is […]

Consensus 2018 to Return Bulls to Crypto Market

Cryptocurrencies have failed to hold at highs for long due to the Asian central banks, those of Japan and South Korea in particular. The Bank of Japan plans to impose stricter rules for crypto exchanges in order to prevent new hacker attacks. Earlier, South Korea also established rigid rules which made a considerable negative impact on digital assets. This time, the country's authorities decided to soften restrictions on cryptocurrency trading. Still, bitcoin remains under […]

Crypto Traders Cheer News from France and Iran

The market of cryptocurrencies is developing a gradual rally in light of the mixed news from France and Iran. France decided to slash a cryptocurrency income tax rate to 19% from 45% earlier. Today, bitcoin is trading near $9,000 per token. However, experts say that the price of the most popular cryptocurrency will hardly recover above this level. The bitcoin rally is capped due to the news from Iran. Iran's central […]

Bears Take Control Over Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market has entered the correction zone, reversing a strong rally. Bitcoin is losing ground. Its quotes are approaching the level of $9,000 after hitting the monthly high. One of the reasons behind depreciation of most cryptocurrencies is the news from China. Reportedly, the police of Tianjin city confiscated about 600 computers that were used for mining bitcoins. Beijing took the hard line on cryptocurrencies. One of the PayPal founders Bill […]

Cryptocurrency Market Regains Bullish Momentum

The cryptocurrency market also attracts the attention of the traders this week. The virtual money advances, hitting 6-week high. Bitcoin quotes added about 4% breaking the level of $9,000. Experts predict that this cryptocurrency can reach as high as $9,500. The cryptocurrency with the second biggest capitalization, the ethereum, also rose by almost 6%, approaching the level of $690. Remarkably, market participants became less sensitive to decisions of most global banks to take […]