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Are Free Economic Calendars Quick Enough?

Economic calendars are available for free on the internet from various sources. Here are some of them. Forex factory Bloomberg calendar Myfxbook These calendars are enough for general fundamental and macroanalysis. But the free calendars are not going to be as fast as the paid ones. One example of the paid calendar comes from Metastock Xenith. You can buy a subscription to access real time news. There is no […]

How to Use the Economic Calendar

In this video, you will learn about the importance of using an economic calendar before you enter into trades. The economic calendar contains information about news announcements and release of data figures that reflect the strength of the economy. Some examples are the FOMC announcement by the Fed regarding the monetary policy and the interest rate decision. You can use the economic calendar from You can look at the release of various economic figures […]

How to Use Economic Calendar Effectively

In this video, you will learn about the importance of using economic calendar in forex trading. As you can see, this is the economic calendar from forex factory. It shows you information about various events and their impact on the market. The red color indicates high impact. There are various economic announcements like the German IFO business climate. Another event is the Brexit referendum conducted in Britain. It […]

How to Use Economic Calendar? — Explanation

An economic calendar plays such a role in forex trading because the influence the economic indicators on the value of various currency pairs. A change in the value of interest rates can cause a bullish or bearish sentiment in a particular currency pair. So, be prepared with this information before you trade. You should be aware of the important economic events, before they take place. An economic calendar solves this problem. For example, you can […]

Forex Factory Economic Calendar as the Best Tool for News Trading

Every forex trader must consider using an economic calendar when trading Forex. The Forex factory economic calendar shows the news releases in different countries. The calendar indicates the exact time of each news release and its influence on the market. This is a great indicator for a fundamental analysis and news trading strategy. If you trade on the news, then the economic calendar will be your great help. After being published the news […]

Forex Trading — Using Economic Calendar and Fundamentals

News and data releases are considered to be leading indicators for the economy. They provide us with an idea of direction in which the economy is heading towards. It is because of this, they have the power to turn the market around at any point throughout the day. So, what you might see is huge spikes in the market at the time of the release. One thing you must consider is that it has the news […]

Economic Calendar — December 18th 2014

Dukascopy brings you the Economic Calendar for the December 18th in this video. We have Swiss Trade Balance for November at 07:00 GMT as Trade surplus grew more than expected in October as Exports outpaced Imports. German IFO Business Climate follows at 09:00 GMT. The Index returned to growth in November following 7 months of decline. UK Retail Sales for November at 09:30 GMT. The closely watched US Jobless Claims will be […]

Why Is the Economic Calendar so Important to Traders

Prices move fast in the Forex market. Because the market never closes and also because the value of currencies could be more sensitive to Macroeconomic global trends, the Forex market can offer significant volatility for retail and institutional traders. Volatility increases when major data announcement is delivered. Non Farm Payroll or NFP is traditionally a big mover in the Forex market. Its published on first Friday of every month and lists jobs […]

Economic Calendar — August 15th 2014

Dukascopy brings you the Economic Calendar for the August 15th in this video. Starting at 9 O'clock in the morning Eurozone Trade Balance for June. The trade surplus saw a little change in May as both exports and imports grew at a similar pace. Canadian International Securities for June to follow at 12:30 PM GMT. US NAHB Housing Market Index for August comes at 2 O'clock. The index return to growth in July has indicated a negative outlook for the past […]

Economic Calendar — August 14th 2014

Dukascopy brings you the Economic Calendar for the August 14th in this video. The highly anticipated second reading of the UK 2nd quarter GDP is out at 8:30 AM. The preliminary estimate puts the British economy above the pre recession peak in sharp contrast to the lackluster Eurozone performance. Two news releases regarding the US economy comes at half past noon GMT including the Producer Price Index for July. Producer Price Index grew […]