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Does News Trading Work for Both Day Trading and Swing Trading?

The fundamental analysis can be used for both short-term and long-term trading. In the end, it is the market expectation that matters for news trading. The market expectation about economic release, geopolitical events, etc. In the short-term, the fundamentals are called as market sentiment. In the medium-term and long-term, it is called as macroeconomic picture. Assume that the fundamental bias for a currency is bearish Now, the market is surprised by geopolitical events that go against […]

What Is Day Trading in Forex?

In this video, you will learn about day trading in forex trading. Day trading involves buying and selling currency pairs within the same trading day for quick profits. You may have to use high leverage to capture small price movements in order to profit. You need to focus on strategies that can help you capture small and quick price movements. You can make use of news announcements, because […]

Day Trading Versus Swing Trading?

A common question asked by new comers in forex is about the difference between day trading and swing trading. Let us have a look at them. Day trading involves opening and closing trading positions on the same day. Positions are not held overnight. However, swing traders do not follow this rule. They enter into a trade and hold it for few days or weeks. With day trading, the traders make […]

Learn Forex Day Trading

Learn Forex day trading and make money from the natural volatility of currency markets. Many Forex traders focus on day trading instead of longer trends. learn Forex day trading and profit when the relative value of the US Dollar changes versus other currencies. As currency rates fluctuate, traders follow fundamentals and carry out technical analysis. Start with the basics of Forex, the factors that drive currency rates. The market watches […]

Day Trading Success

Day trading success is one of the most challenging aspects of trading. Roger Scott in this video covers some fundamental mistakes beginners make that can jeopardize their own success. After working with 100s of day traders I put together some basic steps which will increase your odds of generating profits using intraday timeframe. Day trading is very emotional and financial markets are biggest […]

Day Trading Tips and Tricks

This free Forex video will teach some simple yet useful day trading tips and tricks that you will be able to apply in the currency market. Trading is not always a straight-forward thing — sometimes you need to act unexpectedly. In this video you'll see some interesting situations and the proposed solutions.

How to Prepare for Day Trading Like a Pro

These videos will show you what preparations should be made prior to starting your own Forex day trading session. Without preparing yourself like a pro you won't be able to perform in the market like a pro. Such preparations is a vital part of organizing the trading process, which is useful to traders of all levels of expertise.

Intraday Targets

This is a very interesting free Forex video lesson that focuses on such an important part of the day trading as the intraday targets for positions. Long-term targets shouldn't be used for setting stop-loss or taking profits in the intraday trading, instead the average daily pips volume should be taken in account when you set your day trading targets. Watch the video to learn.

Forex News Day Trading Signal — May 21th 2008

Day trading news signals on this Forex video — must see for every news trader that intend to trade on May 21th.