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Hansen — Oil Rebounds After Horrendous Week

Crude oil has seen an extremely weak start to 2016 and the first half of this week proved no exception, says Saxo's Ole Hansen. Ole Hansen: We had the sanctions against the Iran lifted followed by International Energy Agency's claim that the world was drowning in oil. It gave the market negative momentum to take it below $30 and testing further down. The fall in oil prices hit stock prices […]

Hansen — Which Way for Oil After West Lifts Sanctions Against Iran

Brent oil tumbled below USD 28 on news that the West has lifted its sanctions against Iran, paving the way for Iranian oil to hit the market. Focus is now on how soon Iran may be able to increase supply, says Saxo Bank's Ole Hansen. Ole Hansen: The supply will increase with sanctions against Iran lifted and Iran has claimed that they can increase production […]

Hansen — Oil Prices Tank as Market Anticipates Iranian Supply

Oil prices have dropped below $30 on news that sanctions against Iran could be lifted early next week, which would add oil to an already oversupplied market, says Saxo Bank’s Ole Hansen. Ole Hansen: The Crude oil is down 5% today and down 10% for the week and the pressure at the moment is being applied by the news that the sanctions against Iran could be lifted early next […]

Crude Oil and Natural Gas Forecast — January 8th 2016

In this video the trader guy looks at currency pair Crude Oil and Natural Gas for the January 8th session. Crude Oil — WTI Crude Oil fell rather significantly during the day on Thursday testing the $32 level. We did bounce to form a hammer and while that is a very positive sign the reality is we have the Jobs number coming out today. That ofcourse gives a lots of traders pause […]

Hansen — Oil Prices Slip to 2003 Levels But Gold Shines Bright

Oil prices continue to plunge and are now at their lowest since 2003. Saxo's Ole Hansen points to Wednesday's disappointing US inventory report that hasn't helped matters. Ole Hansen: Oil prices continue to plunge both in Brent Crude and WTI and today we have reached the lowest level since 2003 in WTI and lowest since 2004 in Brent Crude. Yesterday we had Inventory report from USA. We […]

Hansen — Watch as Oil Market Volatility Spreads

24 hours into a new trading year and Saxo's Ole Hansen says volatility in oil markets is already high and will remain so. Rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East combined with disappointing Chinese data have hit all markets including crude, he says. Ole Hansen: We have seen the geo political tensions in the Middle east rise and data from China is disappointing. Looking at the Oil […]

Lambert — Why Oil Could Rally in 2016

Clive Lambert believes oil prices could rally in 2016. He also expects the US dollar to get knocked down by the markets. Examining the charts, Lambert explains why he believes oil prices may have reached the bottom and could go higher. Clive Lambert: Oil is not going to go much lower. We are at levels in the 30s in oil where I think we will find buyers. We have […]

O'Hare — Oil Poised for Significant Move Lower

Steve O'Hare sees bearish momentum in WTI which he believes should result in a further significant move lower. Steve: We are looking at January contract in US Light Sweet Crude oil this morning. Its currently trading around 37.70 USD. The medium term outlook remains negative. We expect prices to continue lower. Fundamentally oil remains pressured with a global glut in supply and after the OPEC meeting […]

Hansen — OPEC Under Pressure to Boost Oil Price

With the oil price at its lowest since 2009, OPEC ministers are under intense pressure to make cuts in production and stem losses from national fiscal budgets. Saxo Bank's Head of Commodity Strategy Ole Hansen previews the crucial OPEC meeting and analyses possible price action. Ole Hansen: There is no doubt that when the Oil minister sit down together face to face this afternoon, they […]

Hansen — 3 Reasons to Buy Oil

Saxo Bank's Head of Commodity Strategy Ole Hansen gives us three reasons for investors to buy oil as demand for gasoline in the US picks up. Ole Hansen: This is unusual for this time of the year where refinereies are normally slowing down. So this could be an early sign that demand for gasoline in the US remain strong and obviously could help to balance and recover. Once again we are seeing […]