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Yuan Losses Accelerate

Why is that Yuan losses accelerate at the start of 2016? China's Yuan fell the most since August hastening its decline in extended trading hours on speculation the authorities stopped supporting the currency late in the day. The Monetary authority's new system of setting the yuan's daily fixing uses the previous day's close as one of the factors. Major Chinese banks which tried to sell dollars during most of the day signficantly reduced their offerings […]

How Far Will the Yuan Fall?

Due to persistent slowing of the Chinese economy the People's Bank of China is cutting the Yuan reference rate on a daily basis. Capital outflows are driving the yuan down and with a repeatedly lower reference rate the yuan rate is falling. China's yuan weakened for a 8th day, the longest run of losses since June on increased capital outflows and speculation. While the PBOC was seen propping up its exchange rate in the past few […]

Hardy — Will China Join Elite Currency Club

China is keen is to get the yuan into the SDR(Special Drawing Rights) and that would be a key milestone for the world’s second largest economy and its currency, says Saxo Bank’s Head of FX Strategy John Hardy. John Hardy: China wants to see its currency become part of the SDR because of its long term plans to become a normalized part of the global financial community. Its the world's second largest economy […]

Yuan Ruble Currency Swap

We have written about the persistent fall of the ruble and china's attempts to internationalize the yuan. China helps bail out the falling ruble with a Yuan Ruble currency swap with $24 billion swap program. China is stepping up its role as the lender of last resort to some of the world's most financially strapped countries. China has provided $2.3 billion in funds to Argentina and $4 billion to Venezuela as part of a currency swap. […]

Falling Chinese Exports and the Yuan

Over the last 5 years the Chinese yuan has strengthened substantially against the US Dollar. Only in the last year has the dollar reclaimed any lost ground. The strong yuan coupled with a weakened world economy has hit chinese exports. Our interest is in falling Chinese exports and the yuan. The path taken by the USA out of recession was mapped by Fed under its former chairman. When the stock and realestate markets […]