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Chart Patterns and How to Avoid Painful Trades

Chart patterns are extremely popular among day traders and swing traders. Some trading platforms help you to scan for chart patterns. Some popular chart patterns include head and shoulders, triangle pattern, etc. However, it is important to identify a probability along with the pattern. You should be able to identify chart patterns and enter with a breakout. They give you great risk to reward ratio for your […]

Candlestick Patterns — Understand Basic Chart Patterns

In this video, you will look at some common candlestick patterns, which you can use in your forex trading. Compared to a line chart, the candlestick chart contains more useful information. Each candlestick represents the open, close, high, and the low price based on the timeframe of the chart. Candlestick charts show trends more clearly. These are some of the common patterns listed below. Spinning Top: This pattern consists of a very […]

Forex Trading Strategies — Trade Idea — Double Bottom — Part One

In this video, we are going to discuss how to trade the double bottom pattern. So, there are two things that you need to bear in mind when you trade this pattern. It needs to appear at the bottom of a downtrend. Because this is a reversal pattern, you are looking to trade this pattern in the upward direction. Looking at the EUR/USD daily chart, we have a downtrend here. As you can see, […]

Trading Triangle and Pennant Patterns Using News Sentiment Indicators

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to trade forex is through a technical analysis method called triangles and pennants. They are easy to spot and work on all timeframes. Let's look at the 4-hour chart on gold. Let's start by drawing a rising trendline. Some traders like to draw their trendlines on the lows, the bottom of each candle's wick or on the close of each candle's body. So, we have an upward bullish trend. We do […]

Continuation Chart Patterns (Technical Analysis)

There are two broad types of chart patterns — reversals and continuation. In this video, we will look at the continuation pattern. Why do we call them continuation chart patterns? Because they continue an overall long-term trend in the price. In the case of an ascending triangle, the first key feature here is a pre-existing uptrend. This trend is then interrupted by the pattern breaking out into. The trend is not reversed and it […]

A Simple Guide to Trading Patterns: Part 2 of 2

This is the second part of the two part series on chart patterns. In the previous part, we saw about Support and Resistance pattern. In this video, you will see information about chart pattern. Trading patterns can take many forms, like double top and double bottom patterns as well as various types of triangle patterns. For example, there are three types of triangle patterns: ascending, descending and symmetrical. Each of these […]