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Why Do Oil Prices Have Such a Big Impact on the Canadian Dollar?

The Canadian dollar is very sensitive to changes in oil prices. As you can see from this example, there exists such a strong correlation between the Crude Oil, and the Canadian dollar. These are the reasons behind such strong correlation. Canada's economy is largely dependent on the oil it produces. Crude petroleum contributes to 14% of Canada's total exports. So, 98% of the quantity that it produces is exported to the US. […]

Oil Price vs Canadian Dollar Graph | The Correlation Between Oil & CAD

In this video, you will learn about the correlation between the Canadian dollar, and the Crude Oil. Canada is a major exporter of Crude Oil. It has increased its capacity in production and is supplying about 6 million barrels per day. It has 173 billion barrels in its oil reserves. However, Canada is not a member of OPEC. About 99% of its exports goes to US. Hence, Canada's economy […]

7 Reasons Why Candian Dollar Will Dominate U.S. Dollar

This video offers 7 strong fundamental reasons for the Canadian dollar to grow against the U.S. dollar. It's hard not to agree with the author of the video as the reasons actually make sense. Technical picture of the situation is also presented.