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cAlgo — Backtesting Robots

Using cAlgo's advanced backtesting features you can run a test to see how any Robot could have performed within a certain time period and under specific set of conditions. Start by selecting the Robot you want to test from the Robots menu. Choose add an instance from the dropdown menu and select a symbol for backtesting. The first thing you want to do is to decide the various settings in the backtesting menu. Starting capital […]

cAlgo Overview — A New Standard in Algo Trading

cAlgo is the Algorithmic trading platform that introduces a new standard in automated FX trading. With cAlgo you can create, test and trade with robots, custom indicators using advanced building features. If you are a developer you can use the C# and .NET Framework. If you are not a programmer you can work with hired developers around the world who can work with C#. […]

cAlgo — Introduction

With cAlgo you can use C# Programming language and the cAlgo API to build trading robots and custom indicators. You can download the platform from your broker's website by clicking the cAlgo button in cTrader. If you have a cTrader account you can use the same login details to connect to cAlgo and you can also be logged into both platforms under the same account at the same time. This enables […]

cTrader — Custom Indicators

In addition to preloaded technical analysis indicators that come with cTrader you can also create and download your own custom indicators. Creating custom indicators can be done with cAlgo, our algorithmic trading platform. You need to know how to program in C# to do it. But in this video we need to look at where to find already built custom indicators and how to install them, you first […]