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Forex Trading Strategies — Price Action — Bullish Flag and Bearish Flag Pattern

The flag pattern is probably one of the most well used patterns, due to its simplicity in the way that it looks, and the way it is traded. We have got a very simple and basic couple of drawings here. We have here, two flags, one in the bullish market, where the market is going upwards. The other one is the right is in a bearish market, where the market goes downwards. The reason why […]

Reading the Charts — Bullish Flag

This is one of those patterns that has often times an above average expectation, because it completes more times, when you identify a real bullish flag. A bullish flag is formed during a market correction in an uptrend. Retail traders will see this as a potential reversal, but it is not, we look for some specific setups that will let us know that the market is […]

Bullish Flag Pattern

In this video you will learn about Bullish Flag pattern. Flag patterns can be either bullish or bearish depending on how it develops and how it breaks. In this video we see an uptrend developing and a small downtrend start to develop and created a little bit of retracement. You can then begin to trade with either a breakout to the top or to the bottom. In the Stock market you have either a bullish continuation pattern […]

How to Trade Bullish Flag Chart Patterns

In this video you will learn about Bullish flag pattern. The Flags are rest—stop type continuation patterns that mark a small consolidation area in the middle of a powerful trend. These patterns are usually preceded by a sharp advance or decline with heavy volume and mark a mid point of the move. The flag portion is characterized by a declining channel in the opposite direction.