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How the United Kindgom Will Leave the EU (The Actual Brexit) Explained in One Minute

About 52% of those who voted, decided they want the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. The process however will be anything but simple. Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty will have to be triggered. This will start a two year negotiation to process and there are three possible outcomes. 1. If the United Kingdom and the 20 out of the 27 member states reach an agreement, the UK will leave according […]

Hammond Urges Calm Over Pound Flash Crash

Hammond urges calm over pound flash crash. Chancellor Philip Hammond has responded to the flash crash in sterling saying that market turbulence is to be expected, but the UK economy is fundamentally strong. The pound pummelled in the currency markets on Friday during Asian trading, with traders blaming concerns over Brexit. With the flash crash that hit the market, the pound briefly fell by 6%, to 1.1841, the biggest move […]