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How to Use Bollinger Bands?

Bollinger Bands is an important indicator in technical analysis, which is used to identify trends and measure volatility in the markets. This indicator was developed by John Bollinger, and it consists of a moving average and two bands, which are obtained using standard deviation of the moving average. Because 95% of the historical price movements are contained within the bands, you can get valuable information like when the price is overextended or likely to reverse. […]

Does the Bollinger Bands Indicator Work?

In this video, you will learn about a strategy of analyzing the usage of Bollinger Bands indicator in relation to Andrew's pitchfork. In this example, you have the Bollinger Bands indicator added to the price chart. In some cases, the price touches the upper band as it has reached those extreme points, and then reversed. Now, you can see the problem with this indicator. There are situations when the price touches the upper band, […]

Profitable Bollinger Band Trading Strategies — | Double Bollinger Band Strategy

This trading strategy works in a trending market and uses Bollinger Bands indicator. It also uses 50-period EMA. You need to wait for the trend is over the middle line with a significant candlestick formed, then an important signal is generated. For a sell order, look for the formation of the patterns, which include dark cloud cover, bearish engulfing, shooting star, etc. For a buy order, look for piercing line, bullish engulfing, hammer, […]

How to Use Bollinger Bands Indicator

The Bollinger Bands is a technical indicator developed by John Bollinger. It consists of a moving average with an upper band and a lower band. The volatility is represented by the standard deviation. The bands expand when there is an increase in the volatility in the market and shrinks when the volatility is low. This indicator is used to determine the strength of the trend and to gauge the volatility in the market. After you have identified an existing trend, you can use a momentum […]

Powerful Trend Trading Strategy using Bollinger Bands! Forex Trading Strategy

In this video, you will learn about a trend trading strategy using the Bollinger Bands indicator. For example, look at the GBP/USD chart. The Bollinger Bands consists of three bands. The middle band is the 20-period simple moving average. The outer bands are the standard deviation of the middle band. When price reaches extremes, it tends to move towards the middle band. As you can see from the chart, the price reaches the extreme after […]

Bollinger Bands — Explained in a Simple Way

In this video, you will learn about the Bollinger Bands indicator. This indicator was developed by John Bollinger. This is an indicator, which is extremely popular among forex traders. You can use this indicator to gauge volatility in the market, identify ranges, and look for a breakout. This indicator consists of two outer bands and a middle band. The default value for the middle band is 20 on your MetaTrader platform. It […]

Support and Resistance Using Bollinger Bands

In this video, you will learn about using the Bollinger Bands indicator to identify support and resistance levels in forex trading. This indicator consists of the 20-period simple moving average as the middle line and the outer bands represent the standard deviation of the middle band. This band also resembles a price channel. This indicator better represents the crowd behavior of the markets as they are used by most traders across the world. You can determine […]

Simple Forex Strategy using Bollinger Bands!

In this video, you will learn a forex trading strategy using Bollinger Bands. Bollinger Bands is an excellent indicator for measuring the volatility of the market. The bands expand when volatility increases and bands shrink when the volatility decreases. Whenever the price stretches beyond the upper band, it retraces back inside the band. Similarly, when the price stretches below the lower band, it has a tendency to go back towards the middle band. […]

How to Use Bollinger Bands in Forex | Bollinger Bands Tutorial

In this video, you will learn about Bollinger Bands, and how you can use them in your forex trading. This indicator was invented by John Bollinger. This indicator consists of an upper band, lower band, and the middle line, which is a simple moving average. The default setting of this moving average is 20. This indicator helps you gauge volatility in the market. When the bands expand, it indicates […]

Bollinger Band Moving Average Crossover

In this video, you will learn about breakout strategy using Moving Average and Bollinger Bands indicator. As you can see on the GBP/NZD chart, you have the 200-day Moving Average. Initially, it offered support, but price broke through to the downside. This is an example of a breakdown to the downside. Also, price did retest the Moving Average, and it offered resistance. After that the price fell down aggressively. Now, look […]