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Faraday — AUD/JPY Bounces Back

With Asian shares surging higher overnight following the Chinese New Year break, it’s likely that we will see a recovery in risk appetite and one way to play this recovery is through AUD/JPY, says Thomas Light from Faraday Research. Thomas Light: Looking at the daily chart, you can see that prices formed a large bullish hammer candle on Thursday, which saw the market break through […]

Forex Live Trades Using Harp — EUR/USD and AUD/JPY

Tarantula FX demonstrates 2 live trades on EUR/USD and AUD/JPY pairs using Harp indicator package. EUR/USD — The 1.0728 is the entry and I am waiting for the break of the lows and I will aim for 1.0680. And another trade I am waiting for is AUD/JPY. We will sell at 0.8740 and we are currently in profit of 20 pips. I am aiming for a bigger target and EUR/USD and AUD/JPY are correlated. AUD/JPY, we are still struggling to break […]

Lucas — Weaker China Hitting AUD/JPY Seeing Safe Haven Buying

With weaker numbers from China, the latest manufacturing PMI is at a six and a half year low, commodities are coming under sustained pressure and therefore currencies like AUD are feeling the pain. Steve Lucas — We continue to get weak numbers from China and Commodities remain under pressure and the Aussie should remain under pressure. The Japanese Yen attracts safe haven buyinig. The AUD/JPY bounce stopped at 50% […]

Lucas — Buying AUD/JPY

Is now the time to buy AUDJPY? 3C Analysis' Steve Lucas thinks so. Steve Lucas: Not too much happening this week ahead of Non Farm Payroll. The AUD/JPY pair looks interesting at the moment. Technically yesterday's rally was most bullish for 9 months, ended a long sequence of lower weekly highs. Along with this we have US Interest rates raising yesterday which is positive […]

Lucas — Why I'm Buying AUD/JPY

It's time to buy AUD/JPY for 3CAnalysis' Steve Lucas this Tuesday. Steve Lucas: The Aussie is under pressure for sometime due to weak commodities and weakening China outlook. Yesterday we saw JPY buying on China stock rout. The AUD/JPY cross has been trading close to 2015 and 2014 lows. But today we have seen sentiments improving as signals are better, on slightly improving China outlook. So we […]

AUD/JPY has Previous Form When Retreating From 100.00 Level

Forex Trading TV brings you the latest technical analysis on the AUD/JPY pair for the July 30th in this video. AUD/JPY — After the pretty sharp fall that we saw early April and then again through 2nd half of May to mid June we have kind of stopped and we certainly met the target of that triangle at 89.20 level. We have also stopped at 50% Fibonacci correction level which is […]

AUD/JPY Daily Triangle Chart Pattern

Forex Trading TV brings you the latest technical analysis on the AUD/JPY pair for the July 29th in this video. AUD/JPY — We have been watching this pair over a month now as it is consolidating towards the this year's lower ranges. We have been holding above the 89.00 level and capped at 93.00 level. Yet again last week we failed at 50% Fib retracement level. We had […]

AUD Weakness Means Big Trading Opportunities

Nathan in this video looks at the daily analysis for EUR/USD, EUR/AUD, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, AUD/JPY, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, GBP/AUD pairs. EUR/USD — We had a strong session for yesterday and the trend line we see in the daily chart is intact. And we have some bullish momentum from there which crossed above the 38.2% Fib level which is also the 1.3150 level. Still we have some topping action there. […]

AUD/JPY 4 Hour — Forex Trade Idea

Nathan in this video looks at the daily analysis for for the AUD/JPY pair using 4 hour chart. AUD/JPY — This is a pair that has got into a pretty consistent Wedge after the most recent upleg as seen in the 4 hour chart, coming all the way upto 100.00 level and then consolidating and moving relatively sideways. And now we wait for the next move, we are right near the bottom of this wedge […]

USD/JPY, AUD/JPY — August 24th 2012

Watch the latest analysis of the USD/JPY, AUD/JPY Forex pairs for the August 24th in this video. USD/JPY — We had fallen for most of the Thursday session and bounced towards the end. We are sitting between the 78.00 level and the 78.75 levels which has been very supportive for this pair. Perhaps the Federal reserve is not close to enough to easing, if that is the case this will bring the pair straight up. […]