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UK Parliamentary Hearing Put Sterling Under Pressure

Today, market participants are less concerned over political uncertainty in Germany as they are waiting for the results of the inflation report hearing in the UK Parliament. The important event has already started market participants will absorb comments of the MPC members of the Bank of England. Investors brace for deterioration of the outlook. At the latest meeting, the Bank of England decided to lift the interest rate to 0.5%, but the inflation forecast was far from perfect. The recent inflation […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — November 21st 2017

US stocks closed higher on Monday. The Dow Rose rose by 0.31%, the S&P 500 rose by 0.13%, and the NASDAQ added 0.12% to its value. The US dollar rose against a basket of major currencies, benefitting from a slump in the euro amid growing political uncertainty in Germany after Chancellor Angela Merkel failed to form a 3-way coalition. Gold fell on Monday, closing at $1,279 an ounce. Crude Oil fell, as traders opted for caution ahead […]

Oil Traders take Cautious Approach and Keep Track of News

It seems that oil prices took a roller coaster ride. This week market participants build up their buy deals while last week oil prices suffered losses. However, the rally is limited. First of all, let us draw your attention to the shale oil prices, which rebounded and are trading just above the level of $56 per barrel. The Light Sweet Crude Oil managed to recoup […]

Political News from Germany Causes Market Jitters

As Angela Merkel was reelected for another term, political instability in Germany only increased. Talks over formation of a three way coalition government in the country collapsed. This means there are only two ways out of this situation. Either Merkel forms a minor government, or Germany's President holds new elections. Many experts see a threat of this situation to the eurozone's economy in general. However, the experts say that the region's economy, […]

Asian Traders Still Selling USD

Asian traders started a new trading week with the same sentiment, unwilling to buy the US dollar. The USD/JPY pair reached a 4-week low near 112.00. The Japanese yen is still winning favor with investors as a safe haven asset. Meanwhile, the US currency is weighed down as investors remained skeptical of the efforts of the Republicans to pass the tax bill. President Donald Trump himself has doubts about implementation of the tax reform. […]

Forex — Ravi

Variously described as an inventor, a scientist, and a respected trading systems developer Tushar Chande decided to take the potential of the price oscillator, and develop into a much more reliable trend indicator. He came up with Ravi. This stands for Range Action Verification Indicator. It looks very similar to price oscillator, but it is not. For daily charts, this indicator looks like this. The difference between the 7-day Moving Average […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — November 20th 2017

US stocks closed lower on Friday with the Dow Jones falling by 0.43%, the S&P 500 by 0.26%, and the NASDAQ lost 0.15% from its value. The US dollar fell against a basket of major currencies, as better than expected housing data failed to offset renewed political uncertainty in Washington amid reports to issue fresh subpoenas for the Trump campaign. Gold rose, closing at $1,292 an ounce. Crude Oil also rose, but failed […]

What Is the Federal Reserve's Beige Book?

The Federal Reserve's Beige Book report summarizes anecdotal information collected by the District Federal Reserve Banks from key businessmen, economists, market experts, and other sources. Used at the meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee, the Fed's monetary policymaking body finds this and the green book their primary guides. The data is gathered by one of the 12 District Federal Reserve Banks, on a rotating basis. The report is a major market event and is […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — November 19th 2017

The EUR.USD pair rose by 0.17%, closing the week at 1.1790. The GBP/USD pair rose increased by 0.15%, closing the week at 1.3215 exchange rate. Volkswagen will invest $12 billion to build electric and hybrid cars in China, the world's largest electric car market. China accounts for almost 50% of the use of the world's environmentally friendly vehicles. Gold rose by 1.43%, as of last week's market close, closing at $1,296 an ounce. Crude Oil dropped by 1.41%, […]

What Is a Risk-Free Rate?

The risk free rate is the rate of return that investors require for investments with no risk. In essence, this return compensates investors for the time value of money. Inflation dictates that money in the future will not purchase as much as it does now, and the risk-free rate compensates investors for the time that their capital is tied up. Typically, treasury rates are used as measures of risk free rates. It is […]