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Types of Forex Trading Charts

Lines are chart are drawn using a line that represents the price. It can be open, close, or high price for that time interval. However, trading using line charts is a bit difficult as it does not show the market sentiment clearly. Bar charts are a bit clearer than line charts. They show a session's open, close, high, and low price. However, they are less […]

Daily Market Roundup — October 11th 2018

The Japanese yen is looking bullish at the moment. The EUR/USD pair has broken out of the downtrend. It is looking bullish. The resistance levels are 1.1594, 1.1633, and 1.1659. The support levels are 1.1515, 1.1480, and 1.1444. The USD/JPY pair broke below the bottom of the descending price channel. The resistance levels are 112.41, 113.56, and 114.18. The support levels are 111.66, 111.43, and 111.31. The GBP/USD pair has broken above the 1.3217 level […]

Shocking Day for Investors

The US stock market is seeing sell-offs at the moment. The US dollar index is trading at 95.40. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates three times this year and this is now being criticized by Donald Trump. The stock market is China is also seeing a decline. This is causing investors to look for safe haven assets. In spite of the trade war between the US and China, the yen is appreciating. […]

How Price Moves in Forex Market

In this video, you will learn about the factors that control changes in price in the forex market. Decisions by traders: Forex market is a huge market in terms of volume. In this market, the participants include retail traders, banks, hedge funds, market makers, speculators, etc. The market is driven by chaos, that is everyone sees the market in a different way. Those who perceive it as bullish, buy the assets, and those who […]

How to Read and Trade Candlestick Charts

If you want to be successful in forex trading, then you should be able to read price action using charts. Among the charts, candlestick charts are the preferred one due to its simplicity in nature. By analyzing candlesticks, you can understand the market sentiment better. They give you a better picture of existing trends and candlestick patterns help you gain high probability entries in the market. As you can see, […]

What If You Miss an Opportunity for Trading in Forex?

If you are leading a normal life to carry out other duties and responsibilities, besides trading, then sometimes you find yourself lose a wonderful trading opportunity go by. However, this is not unusual, but happens quite a lot in the world of trading. You might have missed out a big trend. You have missed that opportunity to make big money. But don't worry. You should […]

Bitcoin Forecast — October 10th 2018

In this video, the Trader Guy looks at the cryptocurrency, bitcoin for the October 10th session. Bitcoin/USD — Once again, bitcoin fell down about 1% on Tuesday session. However, it looks like the market is undecided at the moment, finding it difficult to decide a direction, as it is stuck in this large descending triangle pattern. The 6,000 level below is supportive and a break below is very bearish. A break of this downtrend […]

US President Again Targets FOMC

The Federal Reserve is maintaining a hawkish tone at the moment in terms of monetary policy. The comments from the US President, Donald Trump has caused a bearish sentiment for the greenback. A rate hike in the near future looks unlikely. The US dollar index is trading at 95.60. The USD/JPY pair is trading at 113.00. The trade dispute between the US and China is only worsening further due to the new tariffs imposed on Chinese imports. The Aussie is […]

Daily Market Roundup — October 10th 2018

The pound is rallying today and the US dollar is bearish. The EUR/USD pair is going through a consolidation phase. The resistance levels are 1.1539, 1.1566, and 1.1594. The support levels are 1.1444, 1.1400, and 1.1353. The USD/JPY pair is showing a bearish sentiment today. The resistance levels are 113.56, 114.18, and 114.74. The support levels are 112.41, 111.66, and 111.43. The British pound is showing a bullish sentiment today. So, bulls […]

What Is Our First Responsibility as a Forex Trader?

When you start trading forex using a live account, you are not expected to trade like big banks do. Instead you should start slowly and gradually progress. The idea is you should learn to survive first, just like any other business do. You need to go through the learning curve by investing in quality forex education and practice in a demo account before going live. If you […]