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ECB Gets Ready to Hike Rate: True or False?

The single European currency is losing its recent gains today. The EUR/USD pair is trading lower. The most traded currency pair retreated from the level of 1.2360 and is heading towards 1.2260. Speculations about a possibility of a sooner than expected rate hike by the European Central Bank provided little help to the euro. Reportedly, the regulator has already started to discuss the prospects for changing the monetary policy stance and tapering the asset purchase […]

UK Inflation Data Discourages Traders

After reaching a month high, the GBP/USD pair gradually corrects. Traders pay attention to important macroeconomic statistics ahead of the FOMC meeting. Today, the United Kingdom published its inflation data. On an annual basis, growth of the consumer price index slowed down to 2.7%. Analysts had expected a 2.8% increase. Monthly, the inflation rate rose by 0.4% in February, after a reduction by 0.5% in the previous month. However, the latest value is below market […]

Bitcoin Forecast — March 20th 2018

In this video, the Trader Guy looks at the cryptocurrency, bitcoin for the March 20th session. Bitcoin/USD — As you can see, bitcoin tried to rally during the day on Monday, but has rolled over again. Really at this point, this thing just won't fly. So, I think what we are probably going to see is a continued selling pressure to try to reach the lows of February. If we break down below […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — March 20th 2018

Wall Street finished lower on Monday. The Dow Jones fell by 1.35%, the NASDAQ by 1.84%, and the S&P 500 lost 1.42% from its value. The US dollar traded lower against the other major currencies on Monday, weighed by a sharp rise in sterling s the UK and EU reportedly reached an agreement on a post-Brexit transition period and the Irish border. Gold traded higher, closing at $1,316 an ounce with expectations that the Federal Reserve will hike […]

Crypto Traders Ignore Negative News

Today, positive sentiment prevails on the cryptocurrency market. Despite the rumors that Twitter plans to ban virtual money advertisement, cryptocurrencies are recouping losses. Today, bitcoin rose by more than 6%, reaching the level of $8,300. Later, it started to correct. Still, experts believe that the cryptocurrency will remain above $8,000. During the weekend, Twitter revealed its new advertising policy, which bans the promotion of virtual money. The company […]

Bitcoin Forecast — March 19th 2018

In this video, the Trader Guy looks at the cryptocurrency, bitcoin for the March 19th session. Bitcoin/USD — As we go into the weekend, we formed a hammer, which is a second one in a row. So, I think we are trying to find a little bit of support here at 8,000. Now, the question will become, is this a higher low? The problem I have with that is that the volume of this bar is high and the volume […]

Oil Maintains Bullish Momentum While Ruble Falls

Today, oil prices are consolidating near the peaks that have been recently reached on the back of the oil rig count report. According to Baker Hughes, the number of active drilling facilities in the United States increased by 4 to 800 units for the week ended the 9th of March. It signals that the Crude Oil production may expand. However, the Light Sweet Crude Oil is still trading above $62 per barrel. Market […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — March 19th 2018

Wall Street finished in the green on Friday, as gains in Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Industrials led shares higher. The Dow Jones was up by 0.29%, the S&P 500 gained 0.17%, and the NASDAQ added 0.04% to its value. The US dollar traded lower against the other major currencies on Friday, after the release of downbeat US housing data, and US political turmoil continued to weigh. The Building Permits data came out at 1.298M vs. […]

Acceleration Deceleration Oscillator

This video is devoted to the acceleration deceleration oscillator by Bill Williams in the MetaTrader terminal. To apply this indicator to the chart, press the indicators button on the toolbar, and choose Bill Williams, acceleration oscillator. We won't change the settings of the indicator. This indicator measures the acceleration and deceleration of the current momentum. It represents the third market dimension Let's assume that a ball is rolling down the street and we can define its momentum. If […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — March 18th 2018

The EUR/USD pair fell by 0.12%, closing at $1,2290. The GBP/USD pair increased by 0.04%, closing the week at 1.3942 exchange rate. Gold decreased by 0.42%, as of last week's market close, closing at $1,312.30. Crude Oil rose, by 1.88%, closing at $62.34 a barrel. The value of major cryptocurrencies experienced a fall of over $60 billion on Thursday. Analysts believe that the fall could the effect of the tougher regulations being pushed by the US and the UK. Also, Google, one […]