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Active Trade in European Session After IFO Data

Today, the EUR/USD pair skyrocketed after the release of important data on the German economy. According to IFO experts, business economic index hit a fresh all time low, reaching 115.1. The latest figure was the highest since 1991. Analysts expected the index to correct to 114.4. Meanwhile, current assessment of the German economy grew more optimistic. The index rose to 124.1 in June from 123.3 in the previous month. Experts believed that the index will […]

Understanding Candlestick Charts (Tutorial For Beginners) — Trading Basics

Candlesticks are the most commonly used method of displaying the price movement of a market on a chart. Each candlestick chart will have the time scale on the horizontal axis and the price scale on the vertical axis. Each candlestick chart you see will display candles in a particular time interval. These intervals can be anything such as 5-minutes, 1-hour, 4-hour, 1-day, etc. So, for example, here we are looking at a 5-minute chart, so […]

Focus on the Australian Trade Balance

This meeting or release is scheduled the first week of each month. The economy of Australia is one of the largest capitalist economies in the world with a GDP of $1.5 trillion as of 2013. Australia's total wealth is 6.4 trillion dollars. In 2012, it was the 12th largest national economy by nominal GDP and the 17th largest measured by PPP adjusted GDP, about 1.7% of the world economy. Australia is the 19th largest dominated by its service […]

The Unemployment Rate and the Labor Force Participation Rate Compared in One Minute

The labor force participation rate tells us which percentage of the entire working age population is economically active. In other words, it tells us which percentage of the people capable of working are actually working or at least looking for a job. Let us assume that you live in a country with 10 million working age people. We will also assume 5 million are currently working and 500,000 are […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — June 26th 2017

Wall Street finished mixed on Friday, as gains in the Oil & Gas, Technology, and Industrial sectors led shares higher, only to be offset by losses in the Utilities, Telecoms, and Financial sectors. The Dow Jones lost 0.01%, the S&P 500 gained 0.16%, and the NASDAQ added 0.46% to its value. The US dollar traded lower against the other major currencies on Friday over persistent doubts as to whether the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates […]

What Are Safe Haven Investments?

Safe haven investments are investments that provide a low level of risk during periods of extreme economic uncertainty. The problem is that a safe haven investment is a safe haven investment until it is no longer a safe haven investment. There are a number of assets that are often said to fall within this class and these include US government bonds, gold, and silver, and land and property. Safe […]

Daily Forex News and Analysis — June 25th 2017

The EUR/USD increased by 0.38%, closing the week at 1.1194. The GBP/USD pair went up by 0.28%, closing the week at 1.2718 exchange rate. On Friday evening, a new cyber attack hit communications networks within the UK parliament. Lawmakers were unable to access their email, causing the government to block network access. Computer experts stated that this new attack was not related to last month's Wannacry ransomware attack. As of Saturday night, […]

Traders Shift Attention to Oil and Ruble

Oil prices are retreating from recent lows, trying to offset losses. The Brent Crude Benchmark has added about 1% and is trading at $45.35 per barrel. The investor sentiment was improved by the comments about the OPEC agreement on output curbs. The Iranian oil minister, said that the cartel will consider a possibility of increasing the production cuts. However, a rise in crude oil inventories in the United States puts oil prices under […]

Bank Runs Explained in One Minute: How Banks Become Insolvent and Fail

As mentioned in the fractional reserve banking video, only a fraction of the currency in existence is actually tangible, so paper money and coins. Let us assume that Bank A like any other banks has customers who trust it with their money for various reasons. Some create bank deposits, some simply keep spending money in their bank accounts and so on. These people are legally allowed to go […]

How to Choose a Market to Trade

The financial markets are a world of opportunity. Tens of thousands of assets to choose from, so, how do you narrow it down? First, pick an asset class. There are four main types. Shares in individual companies listed on stock exchanges around the world. Stock indices, figures representing the top shares from a particular area, exchange, or sector. Forex, the value of one currency compared to another, like the pound versus the dollar […]