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The Difference Between Saving, Investing, and Speculating

This video clarifies the difference between saving, investing, and speculating. You can save your money in banks, other financial institutions in order utilize in the future. The only question is that you worry about the safety of your money. Also, you earn an interest when you invest your money in a bank. But in this way, you cannot earn more. You need to think of investing your money in order for your […]

How Forex Can Transform Your Life — Free Forex Training (Part 1)

Hi, Let me introduce myself. I am John. I work for a company going through a daily schedule. However, I am not satisfied with my current job, since it does not offer me the financial freedom that I wanted.. I cannot buy things that I wish for since I cannot afford. Also, this does not give me enough time to interact with my family members. So, I decided to do something that […]

What Does Forex Market Analyst Do?

The forex analyst is someone who conducts research and analysis in the forex market. They work behind the scenes and help forex brokers to offer technical articles and content for the traders every day. What is the role of a forex analyst? Forex analysts use fundamental analysis, technical analysis and quantitative analysis to research the market. Then they produce high quality technical articles which are needed by market participants like traders and investors, […]

Bitcoin Forecast — September 19th 2018

In this video, the Trader Guy looks at the cryptocurrency, bitcoin for the September 19th session. Bitcoin/USD — Bitcoin attempted to rally once again despite all things that are against it. We rose about 1.8%. However, in terms of volume, it looks like people have lost interest. When we zoom out this chart, you can see this descending triangle pattern, and soon a breakout in either direction […]

Euro Bulls Keep Control Over Market

During the European session, the pound sterling showed a bullish sentiment. The Consumer Price Index is expected to slow down. The inflation data released increased the demand for the British pound. A speech by the Bernard Barnier, the Brexit negotiator, has contributed to the rise of the pound against the US dollar. Also, this has increased the trading volume. The GBP/USD pair is trading at around 1.32. The EUR/USD pair looks positive today. The EUR/USD pair is trading […]

Support and Resistance — Price Levels — Forex Trading

Support and resistance are price levels where the market tends to stop, pause, start a new trend, or possibly reverse. Looking at this chart, you can easily identify those support and resistance levels. You can notice that those support or resistance levels formed at the highs and lows formed using the lows of day, week, or a month tend to be stronger, than from less intervals. When a support level breaks, it […]

Four Types of Indicators Forex Traders Should Know

In this video, you will learn about 4 types of indicators that you can use in forex trading. Trend following tool: This tool signals an entry to buy or sell and then follow that trend to maximize profits. Trade with the trend as trend is your best friend. The key is to identify the direction of the trend. Hence, moving average indicator is the tool for identifying trends in smaller and higher timeframes. An example […]

Daily Market Roundup — September 18th 2018

Yesterday was the day for the British pound and the euro to make gains. However, the stock market in the US ended the trading session in negative. The EUR/USD pair broke the resistance level at 1.1668 which is a good news for bulls. The resistance levels are 1.1732, 1.1759, and 1.1875. The support levels are 1.1668, 1.1609, and 1.1566. There exists significant resistance at 112.50 for the USD/JPY pair. The resistance levels are 112.15, 112.57, and 113.13. The support levels are […]

Bitcoin Forecast — September 18th 2018

In this video, the Trader Guy looks at the cryptocurrency, bitcoin for the September 18th session. Bitcoin/USD — Once again, the market fell, about 3%. Looking at this daily chart, we have this descending triangle pattern. Soon, the market could breakout to the upside or downside. To the upside, the 7,000 and 10,000 are the targets. We are reaching a point where the market has to make up its mind to get out of this triangle. This […]

USD Again Caught in Trump’s Trap

The greenback is trying to strengthen in the backdrop of continuing trade tensions between the United States and China. At the moment, the US dollar is facing less demand from investors. The US dollar index is going through a consolidation and hovering around the 94.50 level. The way the USD/JPY pair has been moving, this indicates the market is experiencing risk appetite shown by the traders. The USD/JPY pair is trading at around 112.20. The Australian dollar […]