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Cyber Attacks Limit Rise in Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrencies started this trading week in positive mood, demonstrating gradual increases. Today, bitcoin is trading slightly below the level of $6,600. Remarkably, a rise in quotes of virtual money was boosted by comments of the Chief Executive Officer of a big Swiss financial holding. He supported the blockchain technology. Sergio Ermotti said that this technology, can make businesses more effective. However, a rise in bitcoin quotes is limited today. […]

Forex Trading — How to Use Support and Resistance Level

By definition, a support line is a horizontal line that reverses the current downtrend back in an upward direction. Looking at the chart, we have this downtrend. What you can see here in this cluster of candles, the downtrend fails to continue downwards. Instead, it bounces back up in an upward direction. So, if we take a horizontal line and join the lows of these candles, this line has not been penetrated by the downtrend. […]

Bitcoin Forecast — June 20th 2018

In this video, the Trader Guy looks at the cryptocurrency, bitcoin for the June 20th session. Bitcoin/USD — Bitcoin did rally a bit during the day against the US dollar, but it has formed a shooting star at basically 6,800, offring a lot of resistance. So, I think at this point, we are probably looking for a rollover and a return to this consolidation basically between the 6,000 and 7,000 dollars. A break down below the 7,000 level would […]

Tension Between US and China Increasing

In the New York pre-market trades, the US dollar index touched the 7-month high. The US dollar index hit the mark of 95.20 and later slightly corrected downwards. The greenback is supported by the news about the trade war between the US and China. Yesterday, China announced its readiness to adopt measures in response to additional 10% tariffs imposed by the US. The trade tension between the two countries is rising, increasing the demand for the greenback. Market participants […]

USD Picking Up Steam

The safe haven yen failed to retain the interest of investors and gave in to the US dollar in the Asian trade. The USD/JPY pair rose above 110.00. Investors have shrugged off fears about a looming trade war between the US and China. Meanwhile, yields of the US Treasuries are gradually climbing that provides the US dollar with support. Nevertheless, demand for risky assets is still low. For example, the New Zealand dollar is still […]

European Trading Assets Under Pressure

Today, the European trading assets are being sold during the European session. The EUR/USD pair lost around 1% at the opening of the European trades and then started consolidating its positions near 1.1550 level. Besides the strong greenback, some other factors place the single currency under pressure. The ECB President Mario Draghi pointed to a moderate economic growth thanks to the patient and reasonable monetary policy in the region. The benchmark rate is likely […]

Risk of Trade War Between US and China Change Sentiment in Oil market

While the financial markets are entering the turbulence zone on the back of escalation of trade conflict between the United States and China, oil traders manage to recoup the recent losses. The Brent Crude Benchmark approached the level of $75 per barrel. The main reason behind a rise in oil prices in the news about the intentions of Russia and Saudi Arabia to ramp up production gradually. However, Iran, Iraq, Venezuelan, and Algeria stand against increasing of output. Market […]

Bitcoin Forecast — June 19th 2018

In this video, the Trader Guy looks at the cryptocurrency, bitcoin for the June 19th session. Bitcoin/USD — As you can see, we have rallied quite nicely during the day, about 5% against the US dollar, which of course is very impressive. But when you look at it from a long-term perspective, you can see it is still a blip on the radar. We certainly have resistance here at the 50-period EMA, […]

Traders Refrain from Purchases in US Pre-Market

At the beginning of the new trading week, trading sentiment was shaped by mounting tension between the US and China. On Friday, the US President Donald Trump said that 25% tariffs would be introduced on Chinese imports for the average sum of 50 billion dollars since June 6th. In its turn, China stated it would also improve 25% tariffs on American goods, including soybeans and autos. It seems the trade war is […]

Market Foresees Global Trade Turmoil

Donald Trump is keeping investors on edge. Tumbling US stocks and turmoil on forex are accompanied by a new threat from the US President to impose extra levies on Chinese imports. The USD/JPY pair sank by 1% in the Asian session, trading at about 109.70. Today, traders prefer buying safe haven assets. Donald Trump requested the US trade advisor to prepare new tariffs at 10% on other Chinese goods. China apparently has […]