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Pound Falls As Johnson Skips Climate Debate on YouGov Poll

The Sterling pound today traded near yesterday’s lows as the media criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson for skipping a crucial debate on the climate crisis. The GBP/USD currency pair fell as investors sold the pound following Johnson’s recent moves that could see his popularity decline ahead of the December elections.

GBP/USD Loses Ground to Test New Lows After Latest YouGov Poll

The GBP/USD currency pair today lost ground after the release of a new YouGov poll, which indicated that Theresa May‘s party might not get the necessary majority in the upcoming UK election. The currency pair began the day’s session on an upward trend before losing ground after the YouGov poll indicated that the Conservative Party would fall short of a majority by 22 seats.

GBP/USD Tumbles Lower Then Rallies Higher After Release of Opinion Poll Results

The GBP/USD currency pair today hit new weekly lows early in the European session before quickly retracing its losses and hitting new highs after the release of a PanelBase poll. The currency pair was on a downward trend after the release of a YouGov poll, which indicated that Theresa May‘s party might lose twenty seats in the upcoming elections.

British Pound Weakens Against US Dollar amid UK Politics and Strong US Data

The British pound today came under increased selling pressure after the release of positive US GDP data by the Bureau of Economic Analysis as well as personal consumption data. The British pound was under intense selling pressure today as UK politics take center stage given that the Conservative Party has lost significant ground against the Labor Party.

GBP/USD Maintains Gains as UK Voting Intentions Become Clear

The GBP/USD currency pair today maintained the significant gains made after the announcement of snap elections by British Prime Minister Theresa May. The results of a poll conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Times Newspaper indicated that support for the ruling Conservative Party was at a nine-year high.