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Japanese Yen Struggles to Rise as Market Sentiment Remain Positive

The Japanese yen was attempting to rise today but struggled to do so as the market sentiment was still favoring riskier high-beta currencies. The yen was trading about flat versus most of its rivals, though not all of them.

Japan Announces Economic Stimulus on Tuesday, Yen Weak

The Japanese yen was one of the weakest currencies today due to markets being in a risk-on mode, meaning that there was limited demand for safer currencies. The yen fell against almost all of its rivals, though managed to stay flat against the US dollar. Additionally, EUR/JPY has retreated to trade close to the opening level at the time of writing after rallying earlier.

Japanese Yen Weakens As BoJ Warns of ‘Very High’ Uncertainty Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The Japanese yen is under pressure in the middle of the trading week as the central bank warned that economic uncertainty remains “very high” because of the coronavirus pandemic. But the yen could find support on macroeconomic data suggesting the contraction in the world’s third-largest economy might have subsided. Could the traditional safe-haven asset continue its strong 2020 in the final quarter?

Japanese Yen Extends Winning Streak As BoJ Maintains Ultra-Loose Support

The Japanese yen is extending its winning streak against many of its most traded currency counterparts on Thursday. The yen found support in the central bank leaving interest rates in subzero territory and keeping its bond-buying program. In addition to the ultra-loose efforts of the Bank of Japan (BoJ), the institution plans to coordinate with new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on a wide range of policies.

Japanese Yen Stable, Gains on US Dollar

The Japanese yen was stable against other most-traded currencies today, even managing to gain on the US dollar, despite the generally positive market sentiment. Traders were more cautious than usual, though, due to the upcoming FOMC monetary policy announcement, resulting in quieter-than-usual trade.

Yen Gets Support from Upbeat Economic Report

Japanese yen is seeing some strength today, thanks in large part to an upbeat economic report. Also helping the yen is a bit of a departure from the earlier risk-on sentiment of the market.