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Thai Baht Rallies After Elections, Rally Sustainable?

The Thai baht gained today as yesterday’s elections in Thailand ended without any significant violence. The currency is still in danger as political turmoil persisted, endangering the country’s economy and spoiling the investing climate.

Thai Baht Drops as Political Crisis Escalates

The Thai baht continues to show tremendous weakness as the political crisis in the country continues to escalate, making investors to take their money away from the country.

Thai Baht Dips as Political Crisis Unfolds

The Thai baht dropped today as the political crisis is unfolding in Thailand, hurting the economy of the country and driving foreign investors away from nation’s assets.

Political Unrest Continues to Undermine Thai Bath’s Strength

The Thai baht fell today as the prolonged political unrest makes the currency very unappealing to investors, who do not like uncertainty and risks associated with social turmoil.

Thai Baht Rallies as Shinawatra Takes Drastic Measures

The Thai baht advanced today as Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra took drastic measures to ease political tensions in the country, dissolving the parliament.

Political Protests Make Thai Baht Less Appealing

The Thai baht slipped today as political tension was mounting in Thailand and people were protesting against the current government, demanding the Prime Minister to step down.

Thai Central Bank Cut Interest Rates, Baht Weaker

The Thai baht fell today after the nation’s central bank reduced its key interest rate in an attempt to spur economic growth that has slowed last year because of the biggest floods in almost 70 years.