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US Dollar Rallies Amid COVID-19 Global Pandemic Declaration

The US dollar is making a late-day rally against multiple currency competitors midweek after the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared that the coronavirus is now a global pandemic. The greenback had been relatively quiet in the middle of the trading week, but investors fled to the traditional safe-haven asset following the international body’s announcement.

US Dollar Rallies As Market Turmoil Spurs Safe-Haven Demand

The US dollar is rallying against several major currency rivals at the end of the trading week, driven by the financial market turmoil that has spurred safe-haven demand for the greenback. While the global coronavirus outbreak has dominated the business headlines, positive economic data is adding to the buck’s gains on Friday.

Chinese Yuan Mixed on Q2 Growth Prospects, Expected Stimulus

The Chinese yuan is mixed against multiple currency competitors midweek as global financial markets contend with the coronavirus that appears to be worsening worldwide. Despite the potentially damaging economic fallout, some Wall Street titans anticipate Beijing will recover in the second quarter, which might happen as the country employs various fiscal and monetary stimulus measures.

Japanese Yen Halts Rally While Fears Persist

The Japanese yen halted its rally, trading flat today. For now, it does not seem that the market sentiment shifted much, and the pause in the rally was likely just a result of profit-taking following substantial gains of the currency. Domestic macroeconomic data was mixed, giving no clear picture of the Japanese economy.

Yen Rallies Against Euro On Swine Flu Concerns

The yen, regarded as a refuge currency, hit a six-week high against the euro after the World Health Organization affirmed that the swine flu is spread and cannot be contained.