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Japanese Yen Strengthens As Longest Expansion Since WWII Nears

The Japanese yen is strengthening against its American counterpart midweek as the world’s third-largest economy is on track for its longest expansion since the Second World War. On the data front, there were plenty of positives to whet the appetite of Japanese investors. With the US-Japan trade negotiations on the horizon, markets may be rallying ahead of the economic storm clouds.

Chinese Yuan Rebounds After State Stimulus Injection

The Chinese yuan is rebounding against a basket of currencies on Tuesday after the federal government injected tens of billions of dollars into the national economy. Despite bearish forecasts and tumbling Asian stocks, the currency has strengthened, but it is still near a multi-year low.

Malaysian Ringgit Falls as US Retail Sales Rise

The Malaysian ringgit fell today together with other Asian currencies after yesterday’s report showed that US retail sales exceeded analysts’ expectations, increasing chances for additional stimulus cuts by the Federal Reserve.

Yuan Falls as World Bank Lowers Growth Projection

The Chinese yuan fell today as the World Bank reduced its projections for global growth. The previous data from China did not help the currency either.

Will Vietnamese Dong Continue Moving Sideways?

The Vietnamese dong, which is one of the least valued currency in the world in terms of monetary units (after the currencies of Iran and Somalia), was little changed over the week, closing at 20,825 per US dollar. The currency has some bullish domestic factors, which may support the dong, but experiences negative influences as well. Conflicting fundamentals result in sideways movement of the currency. The World Bank said that rapid credit growth and other signs […]

Trading Environment Negative for Yuan

The Chinese yuan was flat today, but may yet fall as the trading environment was negative for the currency after the People’s Bank of China reduced its reference rate and concerns about the global economy made riskier currencies unattractive for investors.

Euro Slips on Lack of Progress in the Eurozone

Euro is slipping against other majors this morning, thanks in large part to the lack of progress being made in the eurozone. There is a great deal of disappointment right now about Spain, and when the country will finally ask for aid.

Euro Gets Boost from Peace Prize, IMF Comments

Euro is getting a boost today, thanks to the return of risk appetite, as well as news regarding interesting developments in the eurozone. The 17-nation currency is up pretty much across the board against its major counterparts today.

Japanese Yen Gains on Concerns about Global Economy

Japanese yen is gaining today, thanks in large part to concerns about the global economy. Worries about what’s next for the economy have some Forex traders looking for safe haven, and that is boosting the yen today.

Rand Rebounds After Falling on Concern for Power Funding

The rand dropped today for the third straight day as the speculation that the World Bank won’t grant the loan for Eskom Holdings Ltd., which would be used to fund the construction of the coal-fired Medupi plant, arose concern for economic expansion of the region and doubts about the capital inflows, but after its fall the currency rebounded.