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Euro Rallies to New 2-Month Highs as Dollar Falls to 2-Month Lows

The euro today rallied to new 2-month highs as the US dollar extended its losses by falling to fresh 2-month lows amid a risk-on market environment. The EUR/USD currency pair rallied to its daily highs in the American session amid multiple speeches from Fed speakers.

Canadian Dollar Starts Trading Volatile, Stabilizes Later

As most other currencies, the Canadian dollar opened sharply lower today due to risk aversion caused by the North Korean nuclear test. Yet after volatile swings, the currency stabilized and did not move far from its opening level.

US Dollar Rises Further as Traders Shun Risk

The US dollar continued its upward movement today as yesterday’s statement of the Federal Reserve continues to force Forex traders to shun risk and to seek safety. The yen outperformed the dollar as a safe currency.

US Dollar Declines vs. Commodity Currencies on Signs of Recovery

The US dollar declined versus the higher-yielding currencies as the macroeconomic reports suggested that the economic recovery is underway, encouraging the investors to take more risk in seeking profits.

Yen Gains on Volatility and Concerns About Europe & China

The Japanese yen surged on the concerns that Ireland’s bailout wouldn’t be able to contain the sovereign-debt problems from contaminating other European countries.

Currency Volatility Down at 2001 Value

The currency market volatility fell to its lowest values since the second quarter of 2001, signaling that the central banks probably won’t interfere into the Forex trading to support the U.S. dollar.

Yen Falls on Risk Hungry Markets

Japanese yen restarted its falling against other world currencies today (even against the dropping dollar) as the risk hungry investors begin to reenter carry trades. While the Nikkei 225 index gained a little more than 1 percent — first rising day after four consecutive losing days, Yen lost more than 1 percent of its value to the high-yielding currencies.