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Japanese Yen Stays Weak, Economic Data Fails to Aid

The Japanese yen remained mostly soft today as the market sentiment stayed generally positive. The set of robust macroeconomic releases in Japan failed to support the currency.

Japanese Yen Remains Soft After BoJ, Trade Balance

The Japanese yen remained broadly weaker against its most-traded rivals. While domestic releases were unfavorable to the currency, the major reason for the yen’s weakness was the market sentiment that favored riskier currencies, not safer ones.

No Demand for Safe Haven, Yen Retreats Ahead of BoJ Meeting

The Japanese yen was weak today ahead of tomorrow’s policy meeting as markets largely ignored escalating trade tensions between the United States and China, lowering demand for the currency as a safe haven.

Solid Macroeconomic Data Doesn’t Help Japanese Yen

Macroeconomic data released in Japan over the trading session was solid, but that did not help the Japanese yen, which dropped against all other most-traded currencies. The most likely reason for the decline was the improving market sentiment.

US Dollar Declines vs. Other Majors After CPI Miss, Gains vs. Yen

The US dollar was broadly lower against its most-traded rivals today following the release of a worse-than-expected inflation report and the improvement of the market sentiment. The currency managed to gain on the Japanese yen, though.

Japanese Yen Holds Steady Amid Booming Q2 Economic Data

The Japanese yen is holding steady on Monday as the national economy grew at its fastest pace in two years during the second quarter. Japan’s economic outlook for the rest of 2018 might be gloomy because of recent natural disasters and potential trade tensions with the US.

Japanese Yen Soft After Mixed Data Despite Risk Aversion

The Japanese yen was soft today despite mild risk aversion among Forex traders. Domestic macroeconomic data was mixed, providing no aid to the currency.

Japanese Yen Strengthens to One-Week High Despite Typhoon, Earthquake

The Japanese yen is strengthening against its American counterpart on Thursday, despite concerns that the recent typhoon and earthquake that tore through Japan could impact the national economy. The latest weather events are leaving investors fearful of the long-term consequences, especially at a time when the government is trying to stimulate the sluggish economy.

US Dollar Rallies on Trade War Fears, ISM Manufacturing Data

The US dollar rallied against all of its major rivals today. Market analysts explained the rally by risk aversion caused by trade war fears, though many also mentioned the unexpectedly positive manufacturing report.

Japanese Yen Gains on Accelerating Inflation, Returning Fears

The Japanese yen rallied today after the release of Japan’s inflation data, though there were bad reports as well. Perhaps what was even more important, the resurging fears of trade wars resulted in more demand for safer currencies, like the yen.