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Yen Strong as Trade Wars Continue to Hurt Market Sentiment

The Japanese yen climbed against most major currencies today as the trade war between the United States and China continued to cause risk aversion on markets. Japan’s macroeconomic data was disappointing, but as it often happens, the currency paid little attention to domestic economic reports.

Japanese Yen Flat amid Directionless Trading

The Japanese yen was largely flat today as trading was somewhat directionless during the current trading sessions, and markets were in a consolidation mode. Over the longer-term, though, the currency should be well-supported by factors that are negative to the risk sentiment.

Surprising Growth of Japanese GDP Doesn’t Help Yen

The performance of the Japanese yen was not impressive today despite a surprisingly good report about Japan’s economic growth. The currency fell versus the Swiss franc and was about flat against most other major rivals.

Yen Rallies Against the Dollar on Weak US Retail Sales, Later Drops

The Japanese yen today rallied against the US dollar driven by the risk-off sentiment, which dominated markets from the early European session. The USD/JPY currency pair extended its losses in the early American session following the release of disappointing US retail sales report.

Japanese Yen Profits from Risk Aversion Caused by Trade Wars

The Japanese yen surged against the majority of most-traded currencies today as the negative market sentiment drove investors towards safer assets. The yen posted losses versus the Swiss franc, which also profited from its role of a safe haven, though by now the Japanese currency has trimmed its losses.

One Last Chance for the Bulls on USD/JPY

Under the 110.27 support area and still with an overall bullish bias, the US dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair has what it takes for yet another upwards move.

Japanese Yen Soft Despite US Tariffs, BoJ Outlook

The Japanese yen was soft today as the market sentiment was stable despite the United States implementing additional tariffs on Chinese imports. News from Japan itself was good for the most part.

Japanese Yen Surges As Manufacturing Returns to Expansion

The Japanese yen is roaring against several of its major currency rivals on Tuesday, buoyed by positive manufacturing numbers. But the gains were slightly capped on concerns over the intensifying trade war between the world’s two largest economies and what their fallout might mean for Tokyo.

Japan’s Macroeconomic Data Mixed, Yen in Red

The Japanese yen traded broadly in red today as the market sentiment favored riskier currencies, not safer ones. Japan’s domestic macroeconomic data was mixed, giving the currency no direction.

USD/JPY Hits Resistance

The US dollar versus the Japanese yen dropped after reaching the important 112.20 resistance area and printed a clear bearish engulfing that just might change the expected outcome.