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Japanese Indices for All Industry Activity Decline, Yen Falls

The Japanese yen declined today. While macroeconomic data released in Japan during the current trading session was not good, that was unlikely the reason for the decline.

Japanese Yen Gains As Economy Expected to Recover in Q4

The Japanese yen is gaining against the greenback after a survey of economists found that they expect the national economy to recover in the fourth quarter. Tokyo experienced a disappointing third quarter, stemming from natural disasters that impacted the overall economy, from consumer spending to industrial output. But with a trade war looming, can Tokyo really spark a rally in the October-to-December period?

US CPI Accelerates Within Expectations, US Dollar Index Falls Slightly

The US dollar gained on some of its major rivals, including the euro and the Great Britain pound, after consumer inflation in the United States accelerated in line with market expectations. Overall, though, the currency traded slightly lower.

Yen Drops on Slowing Economic Growth, Trims Losses Later

The Japanese yen dropped intraday as most macroeconomic reports released in Japan today were disappointing. By now, though, the currency has trimmed its losses, erasing them against some rivals outright.

Japanese Yen Gains on Hawkish BOJ, Capped by Bearish Forecasts

The Japanese yen is posting a modest rally against its American counterpart midweek as the central bank and the federal government send bullish messages to the market. But the tepid gains were capped by bearish economic data and forecasts. Despite fears of a pending trade war with the world’s largest economy, the yen has been performing admirably against the greenback in 2018.

Japanese Yen Rallies on Industrial Strength, Rebounding Exports

The Japanese yen is strengthening against its US counterpart on Thursday after new data found that domestic industrial output is at a four-month high and exports have returned to normal growth. The yen’s gains were likely capped on slower retail sales growth.

Japanese Yen Mixed After BoJ Meeting

The Japanese yen was mixed today, falling against some of its major rivals but rising against others. The Bank of Japan concluded its two-day policy meeting today and released its economic projections.

Japanese Yen Gives Away Gains Caused by Decline of Asian Stocks

The Japanese yen rallied intraday amid risk aversion caused by sell-off of Asian stocks. But the currency retreated later after most of European and US equities logged big gains.

Japanese Yen Rises on Upbeat Tone, China Trade Talks

The Japanese yen is rising against its American counterpart on Tuesday as officials maintain an upbeat tone on the national economy. This week, Japanese leaders are in China to discuss trade and find ways to improve commerce and relations amid trade tensions with the US.

US Dollar Gains on Fed Hikes Speculations, Positive Data

The US dollar was rather strong today, though it was unable to outperform safer currencies like the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc. The greenback was also surprisingly weak against the Australian and New Zealand dollars intraday but managed to rebound by now.