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US Dollar Rallies as Markets Prepare for Fed Hike

The US dollar gained against other most-traded currencies today as market participants were preparing for tomorrow’s policy announcement from the Federal Reserve.

Japanese Yen Loses Intraday Gains

The Japanese yen gained during the Asian trading session but has lost its gains by the start of the European session and is trading below the opening level now.

Dollar Receives Support from Fed Policy Outlook & Economic Data

The US dollar gained against the basket of major currencies today (though fell versus the Japanese yen) amid speculations that the Federal Reserve is going to raise interest rates next week. Positive macroeconomic data also provided support to the US currency.

Yen Drops Against Other Most-Traded Currencies

The Japanese yen slumped against basically all most-traded currencies today. At the present time, it is hard to say whether it is because of the poor macroeconomic data or the political scandal.

Japanese Yen Rallies Following Poor Domestic Data

The Japanese yen rallied against its most-traded peers today even as macroeconomic data released in the Asian nation over the trading session was rather poor.

US Dollar Demonstrates Decent Weekly Performance

The past trading week was marked by risk aversion caused by prospects for trade wars between the United States and its trading partners. While it weighed on the US dollar, the greenback’s performance was not that bad considering the circumstances as the US currency ended the week the third strongest among majors.

Japanese Yen Touches Highest Since November 2016 vs. US Dollar

The Japanese yen rallied against its most-traded rivals today, touching the highest level since November 2016 versus the US dollar, thanks to the outlook for monetary policy normalization, positive macroeconomic data, and the general risk averse sentiment on the Forex market.

US Dollar Weakens on US Trade Tariffs & Jerome Powell Testimony

The US dollar was moving up during the Thursday trading session but has lost its gains against basically all of its most-traded peers. There were two likely reasons for that: the announcement of US import tariffs and disappointment in the second testimony of the new Federal Reserve leader Jerome Powell.

Japanese Yen Third Strongest Currency on Friday

The Japanese yen was generally strong today, rising against the euro and various other most-traded peers, but was unable to beat the US dollar and the Great Britain pound.

US Dollar Extends Rebound Ahead of FOMC Minutes

The US dollar extended its bounce after last week’s sell-off, rising today against most of its major rivals, though not the Great Britain pound.