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Inverted Head and Shoulders on USD/JPY from 108.05?

The United States dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair, at first glance, seems to be in bullish hands. But is it so?

Japanese Yen Opens Higher, Turns Lower Afterward

The Japanese yen started the trading week higher versus other most-traded currencies but has reversed its movement afterward and is currently trading far below the opening level against basically all other major rivals. Market analysts explained the moves by the improving market sentiment, though, in the longer-term, the outlook remains favorable to the currency.

Can the Bulls Confirm 107.00 as Support on USD/JPY?

The US dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair seems to have recovered, but is the recovery sustainable?

Japanese Yen Attempts to Hold Ground After PMI Releases, Concerns About US-China Trade Deal

The main theme for today was the release of PMI reports for various parts of the world, though the topic of the US-China trade deal was also in the news. Overall, markets were in a positive mood, favoring high-beta currencies. Surprisingly, that did not result in a total sell-off of the Japanese currency. The yen fared rather well, holding its ground against most of its rivals and even gaining on some of them.

USD/JPY Might Fail in Finding Support at 107.00

The US dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair slipped under the 107.00 psychological level and had a hard time recovering since. Will the bulls be able to pull it off this time as well?

Fall from 109.85 Bounces off 107.00 on USD/JPY

The US dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair recent fall seems to be limited by the 107.00 psychological level. Are the bears taking a pause, or it is the bulls trying a comeback?

Japanese Yen Rallies Ahead of FOMC Meeting, Gives Up Gains Later

The Japanese yen rallied intraday during Wednesday’s trading session but has lost gains against the majority of its most-traded peers. The currency did not fall against all of them, though, most notably keeping gains versus the US dollar ahead of the monetary policy announcement from the Federal Open Market Committee later today.

Japanese Yen Gains as Trading Week Starts

The Japanese yen rallied at the start at the trading week, rising against almost all other most-traded currencies with the exception of the Australian dollar. Traders were cautious due to various negative factors such as the anticipation of a global economic slowdown, the conflict between the United States and China, and protests in the USA.

Yen Attempts to Rebound After Being Worst Performer on Friday

The Japanese yen was the worst performer on the Forex market today as the positive sentiment favored riskier currencies, not safer ones. Currently, though, the yen has trimmed its losses, even managing to gain on another safe-haven currency — the Swiss franc.

Did the Bulls Check 109.00 on USD/JPY?

The US dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair managed to climb above the 109.08 level. Do the bears have any plans to undo their work?