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USD/JPY in Bullish Hands from 105.09

The US dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair seems to be on its way to the next area of interest — 107.00. Are the bears going to stand aside?

US Dollar Falls amid Risk Appetite, Positive Data Doesn’t Help

The US dollar fell along with other safe-haven currencies, like the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen, as the market sentiment favored riskier currencies linked to growth. In fact, the Swissie was the only currency that fared worse than the greenback as the dollar fell even versus the yen, though it has been trying to rebound versus the euro too at the time of writing. Domestic macroeconomic data was favorable to the US currency but had […]

USD/JPY Falls As BoJ Promises Monetary Policy Review Amid Recovery

The Japanese yen strengthened against its US counterpart to finish the trading week amid reports that the central bank is reconsidering loose monetary policy to spur economic growth. This comes as the Bank of Japan (BoJ) conceded that the world’s third-largest economy is recovering and returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Price to Take Decision on USD/JPY After 106.22 Peak

The United States dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair seems to be in front of a medium-term or even long-term decision.

Japan’s Macroeconomic Data Mixed, Yen Gains

The Japanese yen rallied against the vast majority of other most-traded currencies today. Together with the strong bounce of the US dollar, that suggests that the market sentiment shifted into a risk-off mode. But the rebound of the riskier commodity-related Australian dollar puts such thinking into question.

Japanese Yen Falls on Monetary Policy Outlook, Tries to Recover

The Japanese yen fell intraday but reversed its movement afterward, managing to erase losses against a few of its rivals and trim them against others. The currency has been under pressure from the central bank’s loose monetary policy for a long time, and Japanese officials signaled today that it will not change anytime soon.

Japanese Yen Weak as Trading Starts with Optimism

The Japanese yen was very weak today, demonstrating significant losses against all other most-traded currencies. Analysts explained the weakness by the market sentiment that was favorable to riskier currencies. Japan’s better-than-expected macroeconomic reports added to the traders’ optimism.

Bears Back on USD/JPY from 105.76 High?

The United States dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair seems to be dominated by the bears. Are the bulls going to step in?

Japanese Yen Rebounds as Traders Turn Towards Safer Currencies

It looks like the positive market sentiment has been turning around as riskier currencies reversed their previous gains during Tuesday’s trading session, while safer ones recovered. As a result, the Japanese yen gained against almost all most-traded currencies, except for the Swiss franc — another safe-haven currency.

Bulls Unleashing Their Fury Above 105.09

The United States dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair skyrocketed. Where are the bears?