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Canadian Dollar Soft on Weak Manufacturing, Falling Crude Oil Prices

The Canadian dollar was soft today, dragged down by weak manufacturing data and plunging crude oil prices. The loonie did not perform that bad, though, considering all the negative factors influencing the currency.

US Dollar Ends Week Strongest as US-China Tensions Deescalate

The US dollar ended the week as the strongest currency on the Forex market, though commodity currencies like the Australian and Canadian dollars (but not the New Zealand dollar) were following close behind. The developments in the US-China trade conflict was one of the main drivers for the market during the week.

Canadian Dollar Soars on Strong Q2 GDP

The Canadian dollar is rallying to finish the trading week, driven by a better-than-expected gain in second-quarter gross domestic product. The loonie’s rebound may give credence to analysts’ predictions that the currency is poised for a breakout performance to close out the year. Because the Canadian economy has been so anemic for much of 2019, the dollar has been struggling against most major currency rivals as of late.

Loonie Rallies on Upbeat Retail Sales Data, Limited by Strong Dollar

The Canadian dollar today rallied against its American counterpart following the release of upbeat Canadian retail sales data for June, but the rally was short-lived. The USD/CAD currency pair today extended its gains from yesterday as the US dollar proved to be much stronger against the loonie driven by several factors including the less-dovish Fed minutes.

Canadian Dollar Rallies on Higher Oil Prices and Upbeat CPI Data

The Canadian dollar today rallied against the US dollar driven by higher global crude oil prices as American oil stockpiles fell and tensions with Iran skyrocketed. The USD/CAD currency pair extended its losses as the loonie rallied higher following the release of upbeat Canadian inflation data in the early American session.

Canadian Dollar Soft After Manufacturing Sales Fall

The Canadian dollar managed to rebound versus the US dollar but was soft against other majors today. Domestic macroeconomic data was not especially bad and crude oil attempted to rally but that apparently was not enough to support the loonie.

US Dollar Rallies Despite Recession Talk Amid Inverted Yield Curve

The US dollar is strengthening against other most-traded currencies midweek, possibly befuddling some passive investors after noticing a lot of recession talk trending across the online world. As the financial markets drown in an ocean of red ink and the primary measurement of the yield curve temporarily inverted, there is a fear that the US economy is on the cusp of slipping into a downturn.

Canadian Dollar Falls As Economy Sheds Jobs, Raises Unemployment Rate

The Canadian dollar is sliding against several major currency rivals to finish out the trading week. The loonie’s descent was driven by a mostly disappointing labor report that saw the economy experience its weakest three-month period of job creation in more than a year. Housing numbers were also down, though many of them were better than what the market had anticipated.

Canadian Dollar Weakens as US Crude Prices Crash 5%

The Canadian dollar is weakening against a basket of currencies midweek as the price of US crude oil cratered as much as 5%. With oil officially sliding into a bear market, the loonie is paring a portion of its year-to-date gains. As economic data continues to be mixed, it might be a difficult second half for the currency.

US Dollar Higher on Fed Rate Cut Fallout, Capped by New Trump Tariffs

The US dollar is gaining on several major currency rivals in public trading on Thursday. But the US Dollar Index is heading in the opposite direction, falling below 98.5. The Federal Reserve’s cut to interest rates, President Donald Trump’s new tariffs on China, and economic data are driving the greenback’s trade.