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US Dollar Declines Against Yen on Uncertainty Surrounding Congressional Support for Trump

The US dollar declined against the Japanese yen on Monday as investors worried that President Donald Trump might not have enough support in Congress to fulfill his economic agenda.

US Dollar Jumps Against All Major Peers Following Trump Address to Congress

The US dollar surged against a basket of its major peers on Wednesday, after Donald Trump spoke in Congress earlier today about a number of anticipated issues, including US tax reform, foreign trade, and deregulation.

Dollar Index Slips as Greenback Turns in Mixed Performance

US dollar is mixed against major currencies today, but its gains against the yen and the pound aren’t helping the dollar index move higher. Instead, the dollar index is slipping on the greenback’s weakness against the euro and the Swiss franc.

Canadian Dollar Finds Some Support

Canadian dollar is fining some support today as risk appetite makes a cautious reappearance in the markets. Loonie is inching higher against many other major currencies, thanks to a little more optimism, and some strength.

Australian Dollar Benefits from Rally on Stock Markets

The Australian currency managed to set new highs against its major counterparts or simply rise against those that were too fast to chase for the new records. The AUD benefited from the elevated interest in high-yielding commodity-related assets.

Yen Profits from Debt Problems of Europe & USA

The Japanese yen rose against the euro and fluctuated versus the dollar as concerns about the US debt added to uncertainty caused by the European crisis.

US Dollar Strengthens Against Most Major Currencies

US dollar is seeing some strength today, gaining as risk aversion makes an appearance. Concerns about the eurozone, as well as speculation about what Ben Bernanke will say about the economy when he testifies before Congress today, has many forex traders and investors a little nervous.

Yen Gains on Greece & US Debt Problems

The Japanese currency attracted FX traders’ funds today, as Greece may face a selective default rating from S&P, while the United States are still likely to face a technical default next Tuesday.

Aussie Rises on Rate Expectations, US Problems

The Australian dollar continued its gaining streak today, rising against the other major currencies, as the economic analysts expect rate increases and the global investors avoid US dollar.