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US Dollar Plunges as Retail Sales and Inflation Data Signals Economic Weakness

The US dollar plunged against the euro, the British pound, and other major currencies on Wednesday, following a stream of lackluster data that signaled a weaker economy than analysts expected. Disappointing inflation and retail sales numbers today reduced optimism between traders ahead of manufacturing and housing data later this week.

Dollar Ends Week Stronger vs. Euro & Pound, Weaker vs. Commodity Currencies

The past trading week was marked by several important events, and they were positive for the US dollar for the most part. As a result, the greenback rallied against the euro and the Great Britain pound, but was soft versus commodity currencies.

Great Britain Pound Posts Heavy Losses as Hung Parliament Becomes Reality

The Great Britain pound experienced heavy losses during the Asian trading session on Friday after Britain’s snap election resulted in the worst possible outcome — a hung parliament.

US Dollar Higher After James Comey Concludes Testimony

The US dollar rose today after the testimony of former FBI chief James Comey concluded without major revelations that can lead to an impeachment of US President Donald Trump.

US Dollar Drops Against Japanese Yen as Caution Spreads Between Traders

The US dollar traded near its lowest level against the Japanese yen in more than seven weeks on Wednesday as a cautionary mood took over the market. Traders are anticipating a vote in the United Kingdom, a monetary policy decision from the European Central Bank, and a testimony connected to Donald Trump’s ties with Russia.

US Dollar Retreats amid Higher Political Fears Ahead of James Comey Testimony

The US dollar moved lower against a basket of its major peers on Tuesday as geopolitical risks increased following a diplomatic rift between Arab states. Traders’ anticipation for a parliamentary vote in the United Kingdom and a testimony by Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey added to risk aversion mood in the market.

US Dollar Weakens Against Some of Its Main Peers on Soft US Data

The US dollar as tracked by the US Dollar index weakened against its main peers today after the release of weak US macro data. The greenback ignored the poor non-farm payrolls released on Friday by starting the week on an upward trend before retracing some of its gains after the release of disappointing US ISM services data.

Mexican Peso Climbs as Political Concerns Wane

The Mexican peso climbed today, rising against the US dollar to the highest level since November 9, the day when Donald Trump won the US presidential elections, leading to massive losses for Mexico’s currency.

Dollar Ends Week Among Weakest Currencies, Hurt by NFP

The US dollar ended the week among the weakest currencies, though not the weakest. The currency was dragged down by economic data, nonfarm payrolls in particular, which led to concerns about the outlook for Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.

EUR/USD Rallies to New Highs on Disappointing NFP Report

The EUR/USD currency pair today rallied to new highs during the American session after the release of disappointing non-farm payroll data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The pair’s rally was also influenced by other labor market reports such as the change in manufacturing payrolls, and the weak average hourly earnings.