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US Dollar Rallies Briefly Boosted by Higher CPI and Retail Sales, Later Retraces Gains

The US dollar rallied briefly against its main forex counterparts as CPI and retail sales data released today beat expectations. Data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that the consumer price index for January was higher than expected by 0.1%.

US Dollar Rallies as Yellen Hints at a More Hawkish Fed Outlook

The US dollar rallied against its major competitors today triggered by the hawkish tone taken by the Fed chairperson, Janet Yellen, during her testimony before the Senate Banking Committee. The Fed chair spoke clearly in favor of hiking rates multiple times this year saying that it would be unwise for the Federal Reserve to wait too long before raising rates to accommodate inflation.

US Dollar Rises Against Major Rivals Following Trump and Abe Meeting

The US Dollar climbed against its major peers on Monday, after a meeting between US President Donald Trump and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe went smoothly over the weekend. The meeting did not yield any results that relate to the monetary policies of both nations.

US Dollar Returns Appeal After Several Weeks of Decline

The US dollar rose during the past trading week after several weeks of decline. Hopes for tax reforms in the United States and political uncertainty in Europe made the greenback appealing to Forex traders.

US Dollar Deflates After Release of Negative Consumer Sentiment Report

The US dollar deflated after the US consumer sentiment monitored by the Reuters/Michigan index was released at a record low missing forecasts by a large margin. The figures reported by the same index also indicated that consumer expectations were below consensus.

US Dollar Loses Momentum Triggered by Lower Bond Yields

The US dollar today weakened against other major currencies given the lower bond yields witnessed in the markets and an empty economic docket. The greenback lost momentum  in the early North American session due to the lack of major financial releases, or comments from US President Donald Trump.

US Dollar Rises Backed by Lower Trade Deficit and Positive Jobs Data

The US dollar gained significantly against its main competitors including the euro, the Canadian dollar and the Japanese yen. The greenback rose after the release of lower than expected US trade balance figures for December reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Japanese Yen Finds Strength in Political Uncertainty

The Japanese yen gained on all of its major rivals on Monday and continued to exhibit strength against such currencies as the euro and the Swiss franc on Tuesday. Against the US dollar the yen halted its rally, while it actually pulled back versus the Great Britain pound.

US Dollar Falters Backed by Poor Wage Growth Against Positive Job Growth for January

The US dollar weakened against its main competitors after the release of the ADP non-farm payroll report for January, which reported that job growth for the month of January had exceeded expectations. The greenback was also affected by lower-than-expected figures reported for growth in average hourly earnings.

US Dollar Edges Lower as Uncertainty Towards Trump Looms

The US dollar moved lower against major rivals on Thursday, pushing an index that tracks the currency’s strength to its lowest level since November 2016. The greenback weakened as the Federal Reserve’s dovish tone in its latest policy statement signaled that no interest rate hike would happen in March.