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US Dollar Holds Ground Despite Improving Market Sentiment

In general, safer currencies found little demand today as markets were recovering from the shock caused by the Turkish financial crisis. But the US dollar avoided losses for the most part, rising to the highest level in more than a year against the basket of major currencies.

US Dollar Ends Week Strong on Back of Turkish Crisis

The US dollar was strong during the past trading week thanks to risk aversion caused by the crisis in Turkey, though that same factor made other safe currencies compete with the greenback, and the Japanese yen emerged as a winner.

US Dollar Rallies on Stable Inflation, Turkish Fears

The US dollar rallied against its major rivals today, though not against safe ones, like the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc. The reasons for the rally were the stable inflation figures and risk aversion on markets.

US Dollar Emerges as Second Strongest Currency on Thursday

The US dollar gained today, emerging as the second strongest currency on the Forex market (losing only to the extremely strong yen), amid escalating trade tensions between the United States and China.

US Dollar Ends Week as Third Strongest Currency

The US dollar ended the week the third strongest currency on the Forex market, losing only to the Canadian dollar and the Japanese yen. There were two major events over the week, and both of them were beneficial to the currency.

US Dollar Soft Despite Strong US GDP Growth

The US dollar was broadly lower against its major peers today, though the losses were very limited. The currency fell after the release of a GDP report, even though it was very good, showing that the US economy was growing with the fastest pace in four years.

US Dollar Assumes Role of Strongest Currency on Forex Market

The US dollar overtook the Japanese yen as the strongest currency on the Forex market today. Disappointing domestic macroeconomic data did not deter the greenback from rising.

US Dollar Posts Losses After Underwhelming Data

The US dollar was somewhat soft today, logging losses against most other major currencies. Market analysts blamed underwhelming domestic data and the threat of trade wars for the decline.

US Dollar Mixed After Mixed Domestic Macroeconomic Data

The US dollar was mixed today, rising against some currencies, falling against others, and trading flat versus yet another ones. Domestic macroeconomic data was unable to provide direction to the currency, being mixed itself.

US Dollar Gains After Massive Debt Selloff, Economic Data

The US dollar rallied against most other major currencies on Monday, rebounding from last week’s disappointing performance. The jump in the greenback occurred following several key economic reports and a massive selloff in US government debt holdings.