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Bulls Still Untouched on GBP/USD After 1.3398 High?

The Great Britain pound versus the US dollar currency pair may fall in bearish hands. But will the bulls allow this? Long-term perspective After the low of 1.2075 validated the firm support of 1.2092, the price started an ascending trend that extended nearby the 1.3502 intermediary level. However, as the 1.3502 high was well above a triple resistance area — defined by the descending trendline, the upper line of the rising channel, and the 1.3261 level — validating […]

US Dollar Extends Weakness on Optimism Over Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine

The US dollar is extending its weakness to start the trading week, driven mostly by optimism in the broader financial market amid the latest coronavirus vaccine from Oxford-AstraZeneca. This comes soon after Pfizer and Moderna announced their own two-dose inoculations in preventing COVID-19. With economic data being mostly quiet on Monday, traders will be looking for the latest hints regarding US fiscal stimulus and relief packages.

Bulls in Shape for 0.7587 on AUD/USD?

The Australian versus the US dollar currency pair seems to be under bullish dominance. Are the bears going to do something?

Bulls Might Be Set for 103.15 on USD/JPY

The US dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair seems to be under a lot of bearish pressure. Do the bears hold any chance until 103.15?

US Dollar Subdued As Mnuchin Allows Fed Emergency Lending Programs to Expire

Is the US dollar in store for a rally in the coming days amid a potential selloff in the broader financial markets? With news that several of the US central bank’s emergency lending programs will be allowed to expire at the end of the year, equities could come under pressure, which would possibly benefit the traditional safe-haven asset.

Can the Bulls Take Out the High of 1.3313 on GBP/USD?

The Great Britain pound versus the US dollar currency pair seems to be willing to go north, but do the bulls have what it takes to push the price higher?

US Dollar Weakens As Moderna Announces 94% Effective Coronavirus Vaccine

The US dollar is weakening to start the trading week after another pharmaceutical giant announced a second effective coronavirus vaccine. The news lifted the financial markets across the board, elevating investors’ risk appetite. This led to a selloff in the greenback, almost guaranteeing that the buck is headed for one of its worst years on record.

Bulls on AUD/USD Still Heading for 0.7413?

The Australian versus the US dollar currency pair seems to have been taken by surprise by the bulls. Are the bears strong enough to defend 0.7320?

USD/JPY Resuming the Fall from 105.67?

The US dollar versus the Japanese Jen currency pair seems to have lost its steam. Are the bears just around the corner?

US Dollar Gains As Jobless Claims Hit Fresh Pandemic Low, Inflation Beats Estimates

The US dollar is looking to maintain its momentum toward the end of the trading week, buoyed mostly by economic data rather than the broader market trends. The greenback is searching for support from lower-than-expected inflation and initial jobless claims falling to a fresh pandemic low. Could the buck travel on an upward trajectory to close out 2020?