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At 105.50 USD/JPY Takes a Pause from Descending

The US dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair retraced shapely from the important support area of 105.50 and reached the previous resistance level of 106.92. There are several possibilities in the books for the upcoming time.

AUD/USD Correcting from 0.6676

The Australian dollar versus the US dollar currency pair made a new low at 0.6676 and then retraced strongly. Would this low lead to a strong rally or it is just a pause of the descending movement?

Japanese Yen Gains on US-China Trade Conflict, Domestic Data

The Japanese yen gained today as risk aversion returned to markets after new developments in the US-China trade conflict. Domestic macroeconomic data was also supportive of the currency.

USD/JPY Reached 105.50. What Is Up Next?

From 108.89 the price dropped an reached the 105.50 level, turning it into a support.

US Dollar Mixed After Fed Cut, Escalation of Tensions Between US & China

It was expected that the monetary policy decision of the Federal Reserve would be the major event this week. While the Fed had indeed a big impact on markets, ultimately it was overshadowed by new developments in the US-China trade conflict. The resulting risk aversion allowed the US dollar to rise against riskier commodity currencies but drove the greenback down versus safer currencies.

AUD/USD at the Possible Fragile 0.6800 Support

After such a strong decline, would the 0.6858 still be able to offer a surprise?

US Dollar Ends Week Strongest Despite Outlook for Fed Easing

The US dollar was surprisingly strong during the past trading week, rising against all other most-traded currencies. That is despite the outlook for monetary easing from the Federal Reserve next week.

USD/JPY Might Change Course to 110.27

The US dollar versus the Japanese yen currency pair seems to be left out of the bearish interest, as the price went above the important 108.00 support.

AUD/USD Not Ready Yet for 0.7200

The Australian dollar versus the US dollar currency pair has not seized the opportunity to go for 0.7200, probably because of a resistance that is to hard to breach.

Pound Ends Week Weakest amid Brexit Fears, Domestic Data Fails to Boost Currency

The Great Britain pound ended the week as the weakest currency on the Forex market. While the sterling got some help from domestic macroeconomic data, Brexit fears continued to hurt the currency. The US dollar and the euro were also soft. Commodity currencies were clear winners during the past trading week.