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Dollar Soft amid Continuing Uncertainty About US Tax Reform

The US dollar was soft during the past trading week, falling against its major rivals, as markets continued to watch the developments in the US tax reform story.

US Dollar Erases Earlier Losses Against Euro Despite Weak Consumer Spending

The US dollar erased earlier losses against the euro on Wednesday, even as lower than expected data for consumer spending on core retail items weighed on the US currency. The greenback received additional pressure from a big drop in manufacturing activity in New York.

US Dollar Declines Against Major Peers Despite Upbeat Inflation Data

The US dollar fell against a basket of its major peers on Tuesday, despite an economic report that showed stronger inflation than expected last month. The greenback further weakened against the euro as the German economy displayed solid growth in the third quarter of 2017, which supported the shared currency.

US Dollar Posts Limited Gains as Week Starts

The US dollar was trading marginally higher against its major peers on Monday, though it logged more substantial gains versus the vulnerable Great Britain pound and was almost flat versus the euro.

Dollar Ends Uneventful Week Soft

The US dollar ended the uneventful week somewhat soft, falling against its major rivals. With absence of major economic releases, markets focused on the US tax bills.

US Dollar Declines Against British Pound as Concerns About Tax Reform Grow

The US dollar dropped against the British Pound on Friday as the US Senate decided to delay a key part of the Republican tax reform for one year. The delay widely disappointed investors’ hopes for a swift release of a list of tax cuts that would have provided a boost for the economy.

US Dollar Falls as Concerns Surrounding Republican Tax Reform Grow

The US dollar lost ground against most of its major peers in early trading on Wednesday, as investors grew more concerned that a tax reform plan that Republicans prepared could be delayed. However, the greenback strengthened against the British pound as demand for the British currency fell due to a new scandal within the British government.

US Dollar Remains Stable After Week of Important Events

The US dollar ended the week on a relatively strong footing considering how many important events happened during the past week’s trading, which could have hurt the currency.

US Dollar Rallies Against Peers on Strong Services PMI Data

The US dollar today rallied against its main peers such as the euro and the British pound after the release of positive Services PMI data. The US dollar recovered from a poor showing after the release of non-farm payrolls data in the early North American session.

US Dollar Falls Against Euro Ahead of New Federal Reserve Chair Announcement

The US dollar declined against the euro on Thursday as investors anticipated the announcement of the new Federal Reserve Chair. The greenback failed to climb despite positive data releases today, which showed strong nonfarm productivity and fewer applications for unemployment benefits.