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Dollar Gains vs. Euro & Yen as Treasuries Yield Increases

The US dollar rose today against the euro and the Japanese yen as the increasing yield of the Treasuries raised the attractiveness of the dollar-priced assets.

Canadian Dollar Falls vs. US Currency, Rises vs. Euro

The Canadian dollar dropped from parity with the US dollar after commodities, including crude oil, and the stocks fell, decreasing the appeal of the growth related currencies. The loonie gained versus the euro.

Fed May Buy Fewer Bonds — Dollar Gains

The US dollar climbed today against all other major currencies on the speculation that the bonds purchases by the Federal Reserve would be less extensive than anticipated.

Stocks Rally Push Dollar Down as World Economy Improves

The month of May posted the biggest losses for the U.S. currency in a one-year period against the euro, as equities markets continue to rise on optimism about improvements in the global economic situation.

Chinese Yuan Appreciates on Diversification

The United States Treasury International Capital report showed that China has been selling its Treasuries for a third month in a row in October 2007, which may signal for the start of the funds diversification.