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Euro Rallies on Upbeat Sentiment, Positive Euro Area PMIs and Weak Dollar

The euro rallied higher, boosted by the positive manufacturing PMI prints from across the euro area released by Markit Economics in the early European session. The EUR/USD currency pair also benefitted from the dollar’s overall weakness driven by falling US 10-year Treasury yields and the upbeat investor risk appetite.

Pound Rallies on Upbeat UK Manufacturing PMI and COVID-19 Success

The Sterling pound rallied against the dollar buoyed by the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination programme’s success that has seen infection and death rates decline. The GBP/USD currency pair’s rally was also fueled by the upbeat British manufacturing data released earlier today, showing the UK’s economic recovery.

Euro Rallies Higher on Upbeat Mood Despite Mixed Euro Area Data

The euro rallied against the dollar boosted by some positive releases from the euro area, while some negative macro reports limited the single currency’s gains. The EUR/USD currency pair also benefitted from the drop in US 10-year Treasury yields as investors wait for President Joe Biden’s infrastructure spending plans.

Euro Falls to New 2021 Lows Against Dollar as US Treasury Yields Soar

The euro fell to new 2021 lows against the dollar despite the release of upbeat macro reports from across the euro area as investor sentiment remained bearish. The EUR/USD currency pair’s decline was fueled by the dollar’s overall strength buoyed by the rising real US 10-year Treasury yields that lifted the world’s reserve currency.

Euro Falls Against Dollar Despite Upbeat Euro Area Markit PMI Releases

The euro extended its losing streak against the dollar for the second day in a row despite the release of multiple upbeat euro area PMIs by Markit Economics. The EUR/USD currency pair’s decline mimicked the dollar’s rally, which kept rising, ignoring the falling US Treasury yields, as the country considers more stimulus.

Pound Tumbles to 6-Week Lows Despite Upbeat Jobs Data as Dollar Soars

The Sterling pound fell to new monthly lows against the dollar despite the release of mostly upbeat UK employment data as the dollar gained against its peers. The GBP/USD currency pair fell driven by the resurgent greenback despite US Treasury yields pulling back as investors reacted to the Fed Chair’s comments downplaying inflation concerns.

Canadian Dollar Falls Against US Peer Despite Upbeat Retail Sales Data

The Canadian dollar fell against its Southern neighbor for the second consecutive session despite the release of upbeat fundamental data from Canada. The USD/CAD currency pair initially fell as the loonie benefited from rising global crude oil prices, but the decline was short-lived as the pair later rallied higher.

Euro Falls Against Resurgent Dollar As Lagarde Plays Down Rising Inflation

The euro fell against the dollar, erasing most of yesterday’s gains after the dovish FOMC rate decision as the dollar recovered, surging higher. The EUR/USD currency pair fell amid a risk-off market environment as investors gravitated towards the higher-yielding dollar while dumping the riskier currencies.

Pound Tumbles After BoE Keep Rates Steady Amid Rising US Treasury Yields

The Sterling pound fell against the dollar following the Bank of England’s dovish interest rate decision despite a unanimous vote to maintain the current rates. The GBP/USD currency pair’s decline was also fueled by the rising US Treasury yields, which boosted the dollar at the pound’s expense. The pair later recouped some losses.

Euro Falls Despite Upbeat Euro Area Macros as Dollar Surges on Stimulus

The euro fell against the dollar fueled by the negative investor sentiment following dovish comments from an ECB policymaker regarding rising European yields. The EUR/USD currency pair’s rally was further driven by the surge in US Treasury yields as bonds sold off following the signing of the $1.9 trillion US stimulus bill.