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Taiwan Dollar Attractive for Investors

The Taiwan dollar gained today on signs that nation’s assets were attractive to overseas investors, leading to inflows of foreign funds, and as politicians were planning to review taxes on capital gains.

Slowing GDP Growth Hurts Taiwan Dollar

The Taiwan dollar weakened today after data showed that the first quarter’s growth of the country’s economy was slower than analysts have anticipated.

Taiwan Dollar Falls Yen in Decline

The Taiwan dollar slipped today on speculations that policy makers will step in to rein currency’s gains as a strong currency may leave the nation in trading disadvantage.

Taiwan Dollar Advances on Hopes for Stimulus

The Taiwan dollar advanced today amid hopes that central banks of developed nations will stimulate their economies, fueling global economic growth. Such hopes increased the attractiveness of Taiwan assets.

Taiwan Dollar Fluctuates, Will Central Bank Allow Currency Appreciate?

The Taiwan dollar fluctuated today as the impact of the general negative sentiment on the Forex market battled with the influence of speculation that the nation’s central bank will allow the currency appreciate.

Taiwan Dollar Tumbles with Stock Index

The Taiwan dollar slumped today as the nation’s stock index dropped to the lowest level in five months, slowing the rapid appreciation of the currency.

Taiwan Dollar Gains on Anticipation of Rates Hike

The Taiwan dollar gained today as the anticipation of the possible interest rates hike increased the appeal of the currency.

Taiwan Dollar Gains, Will Government Intervene?

The Taiwan dollar rose today as the foreign capital inflows and the rapid economic growth in Asia bolstered the attractiveness for the currency.

Taiwan Dollar’s Appreciation Contained by Central Bank

The Taiwan dollar fell today as the central bank’s policy makers attempt to prevent the speculation leading to the currency’s appreciation.

Taiwan Dollar Rose on Bail-Out Expectations

The Taiwanese dollar gained today after four days of declining against the U.S. dollar as the speculations that the U.S. senate will approve the $700 billion bail-out plan by the end of this week spurred confidence in the Asian currencies.