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Swiss Franc Mixed After Bigger-than-Expected Decline of Producer Inflation

The Swiss franc was mixed today following the release of producer inflation data, which showed a bigger-than-expected decline. The general market sentiment was optimistic, weighing on safe currencies like the Swissie and the Japanese yen.

Swiss Franc Soft Despite Supportive Data & Market Sentiment

The Swiss franc was surprisingly soft today despite recent supportive domestic macroeconomic data and the market sentiment that was favorable to safer currencies.

Swiss Franc Drops After Switzerland’s Economic Outlook Gets Negative Revision

The Swiss franc traded on par with the US dollar but fell against most other major currencies today. While the market sentiment seemed to be beneficial to safe currencies, news from Switzerland itself was detrimental to the Swissie.

Swiss Franc Gains Despite Slowing CPI

The Swiss franc was behaving similar to the Japanese yen today, rising against its rivals due to waning risk appetite. Negative domestic macroeconomic data was unable to prevent the rally.

Positive Market Sentiment Does Not Prevent Rally of Swiss Franc

The Swiss franc gained today even though the market sentiment was favorable to riskier currencies, not the safer ones. Domestic macroeconomic data was positive but did not seem to play a part in the currency’s rally.

Swiss Franc Declines as Economic Barometer Falls Below Expectations

The Swiss franc declined today following the release of underwhelming macroeconomic data. While the currency actually gained immediately after the release, the rally was short-lived, and the Swissie retreated afterwards.

Swiss Franc Declines After GDP Unexpectedly Contracts

The Swiss franc dropped today as Switzerland’s economic growth halted unexpectedly. The currency did not react to the report immediately, moving largely sideways for some time, but declined sharply later.

Swiss Franc Weakens on Trade War Concerns, Bearish Monetary Policy Forecasts

The Swiss franc is weakening against the greenback on Thursday after the central bank warned that the trade war could rock the currency. A central bank official also encouraged investors to hold tight because a tighter monetary policy is still far away from being realized. That said, officials believe the franc remains highly valued in the global financial markets.

Swiss Franc Gains as Safe Currencies Back in Favor

The Swiss franc climbed today, joining the Japanese yen in a rally, as risk aversion returned to markets. That brought safe currencies back in favor of market participants.

Swiss Franc Declines After Inflation Misses Expectations

The Swiss franc declined against its most-traded rivals today after Switzerland’s inflation missed expectations.