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Canadian Dollar Ends Week Strongest amid Interest Rate Hike Speculations

The Forex market was largely driven by central banks’ meeting during the past trading week. Yet the Canadian dollar had its own bullish factor that allowed it to ignore other news for the most part and to become the strongest major currency by the weekend (though other commodity currencies were strong as well).

Swiss Franc Mixed After SNB & PPI

The Swiss franc was mixed after today’s policy announcement from the Swiss National Bank and the release of the Producer Price Index. The currency gained on the euro and the Japanese yen but fell versus the US dollar and the Great Britain pound.

CHF Retreats vs. EUR After Trading Near Highest Since Brexit Vote

The Swiss franc gained on the US dollar during the current trading session. The Swissie fell against the euro, but its daily high was near the highest level since the Brexit announcement.

Dollar Strong After Fed Week

Federal Reserve monetary policy announcement was the most important event this week (though several other central banks made their policy decisions as well). While an interest rate hike was expected, the actual event still managed to surprise markets, sending the US dollar higher against its most-traded counterparts.

Swiss Franc Falls as SNB Monetary Easing Has Not Reached Limit

The Swiss franc fell today as policy makers of the Swiss National Bank were defending the current negative interest rates and signaled that monetary easing has not yet reached its limit.

CHF Gains on USD, GBP & EUR After Central Bank’s Meeting

The Swiss franc gained on some of its most-trade counterparts, including the US dollar, the euro, and the Great Britain pound, following today’s monetary policy meeting of the Swiss National Bank.

Swiss Franc Soft Despite Supportive Economic Data

The Swiss franc traded flat-to-lower during today’s session even though Switzerland’s economic growth accelerated while deflation slowed.

Swiss Franc Falls vs. Dollar, Flat vs. Euro

The Swiss franc fell against the US dollar and was little changed versus the euro after the Swiss National Bank left its monetary policy unchanged.

Swiss Franc Mixed After SNB Refrains from Lowering Rates Further

Quite a few central banks scheduled their policy for the current trading session, and the Swiss National Bank was among them. The bank refrained from changing its monetary policy. The Swiss franc was mixed after the announcement, rising against the US dollar but falling versus the euro.

Swiss Franc Demonstrates Mixed Performance

The Swiss franc demonstrated mixed performance of Thursday. It was little changed against the US dollar, gained a bit on the euro but dropped versus the Japanese yen.