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Euro Drops on Spanish Election

The Spanish election results are rolling in, and the news is of upsets. Concerns about a Greece-style situation in Spain are dragging on the euro as a result.

Data Helps Euro Pare Some of Its Losses

Euro is falling against its major counterparts today, but some of the losses are being pared, thanks to the latest data releases. Some of the regions of the eurozone are reporting progress, and that is reducing some of the difficulty with the euro.

Euro Gains on Manufacturing Data

The latest manufacturing data is in for the eurozone, and it’s more positive than expected. As a result, the euro is gaining ground against many of its counterparts. This might the news that the 18-nation currency region has been waiting for, since it signals that maybe another recession isn’t inevitable after all.

Euro Drops on Policy Expectations

Euro is lower today, dropping as Forex traders look ahead to policy expectations from Mario Draghi and the European Central Bank. Many expect the ECB to embark on looser monetary policy, and that is weighing on the euro.

Euro Gains Ground on Dovish Fed Sentiment

Euro is gaining ground today, due in large part to the dovish sentiment coming out of the US Federal Reserve. Concerns that the Fed would announce interest rate increases sooner rather than later, along with worries about the eurozone economy, had been weighing on the 18-nation currency.

EUR/USD Goes Higher with Help from Economic Data

The euro gained on the dollar today as the set of extremely positive macroeconomic reports for Europe reduced chances for the European Central Bank to add more stimulus at this week’s policy meeting. The currency fell a little versus the Japanese yen and retreated against the Great Britain pound.

Euro Pulls Back After Earlier Success

Euro is pulling back today after earlier success against its major counterparts. Even though business confidence rose in Germany, there are enough problems elsewhere in the eurozone that the 18-nation currency is being bogged down today.

Risk Appetite Flees and Euro Struggles

Risk appetite has left currency market, and the result is a struggling euro right now. There has been some good news out of the eurozone, with Ireland and Spain exiting their bailouts, but there are still plenty of troubles and the European economic recovery may be far from certain.

Euro Struggles After GDP Data

Euro is struggling today, mainly due to disappointing economic data. The latest GDP numbers are in, and they show that the eurozone recovery is barely hanging on. It’s not helping, either, that German and France are having their own economic struggles right now. There’s little to support the euro, and there are concerns that another recession could be coming.

Euro Soft, Damaged by Signs of Weaker Recovery

The euro dropped today as speculations persisted about potential implementation of additional monetary stimulus by the European Central Bank. The economic reports were not helping the matter and the forecasts for the next year were less optimistic.