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Swiss Franc Gains Boost from Risk Aversion & Economic Outlook

The Swiss franc gained against most other major currencies today, with the exception of the US dollar. The risk-negative market sentiment and the optimistic outlook for Switzerland’s economy helped the currency.

Swiss Franc Shrugs Off Poor Domestic Data

Economic data released in Switzerland today was rather poor, but that did not prevent the Swiss franc from rising against its most-traded peers during the current trading session. The possible reason for the good performance was risk aversion ahead of today’s important events.

Swiss Franc Drops as Unemployment Rate Rises

The Swiss franc fell against the US dollar and the euro today. One of the possible reason for the drop was the increase of the unemployment rate.

Swiss Franc Gains, Ignoring Adverse Fundamentals

The Swiss franc gained today even though fundamentals did not look particularly supportive for the currency.

Swiss Franc Boosted by Surge of Inflation

The Swiss franc jumped against 14 of 16 most-traded currencies after the report showed that the rate of inflation growth in Switzerland unexpectedly increased in March.