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Dollar Falls on Prospect of Government Shutdown

The US dollar went down today as the US policy maker weren’t been able to reach an agreement about the budget and as the rally of raw materials damped demand for the US currency as a safe asset.

Australian Dollar Retreats After Reaching Record vs. Yen

The Australian dollar touched the record price in 11 months versus the Japanese yen today as stocks rallied, but retreated on the forecast that the central bank will leave the interest rates unchanged.

Loonie at 3-Year High Against Greenback

The Canadian dollar gained for the fifth consecutive session against its US peer, reaching the highest level in more than three years, as the employment in the US, the biggest trading partner of Canada, improved and crude oil, the main nation’s export, advanced.

Aussie, Will You Stop with Your Records?

The Australian dollar was little changed today, but earlier at this trading session it, guess what, reached the new record versus the US dollar.

Aussie Dollar Reaches New Record vs. US Dollar

The Australian dollar decided that its rally doesn’t need to stop and continued its ascent, posting the new record high versus the US dollar.

Loonie Rallies as Commodities, Oil Advances

The Canadian dollar gained today, erasing its losses against the US dollar, as commodities rallied and crude oil, the key export of Canada, advanced to the highest level in more than two years, attracting investors to Canada’s assets.

Canadian Dollar Gains as Crude Oil Rises

The Canadian dollar went up as the renewed concern that the tensions in Libya, as well as in the other countries of the region, will disrupt supplies of crude oil bolstered the commodity.

Canadian Dollar Rallies with Commodities

The Canadian dollar gained today as commodities, including crude oil, the main export of Canada, rallied amid the speculation that the global recovery is accelerating.

Canadian Dollar Falls on Lower Oil Prices

The Canadian dollar weakened as the disaster in Japan cut prices for crude oil and other raw materials and damped demand for currencies linked to economic growth, including the loonie.

Gains of Japanese Yen on Decline of Stocks & Commodities

The Japanese yen strengthened today as stocks declined and commodities retreated, increasing demand for the currency as a safe haven.