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Euro Stabilizes as Investors Revise Their Expectations of an ECB Rate Hike

The euro today traded in a stable rage against the US dollar as investors revised their expectations of a rate hike by the ECB. The single currency was not appealing to investors who have had to deal with weak data releases from the eurozone and a dovish European Central Bank.

Japanese Yen Flat on EU Trade Deal, World Economic Forum Index

The Japanese yen is trading flat midweek after several mixed news reports came out pertaining to the world’s third-largest economy. While a new poll shows economists fear upcoming trade spats with the US will impact the Japanese economy, a new study discovered that Tokyo remains one of the most competitive places in the world today.

Turkish Lira Rebounds After Four Sessions of Losses

The Turkish lira remained extremely volatile, rising today after four consecutive sessions of losses.

Euro Preserves Momentum amid ECB Speculations

The euro continued to trim losses during the current trading session even though German inflation was disappointing. The reason for the currency’s good performance were speculations about the possible change of European Central Bank’s dovish stance.

Japanese Yen Pauses Rally as Risk Aversion Eases Somewhat

The Japanese yen paused its rally against the US dollar and some other currencies as risk aversion caused by US politics eased a bit. Yet fears were not gone completely and may return in full force as clouds are gathering over US President Donald Trump and his future as a head of the United States.

Dovish Stance of ECB Results in Week of Euro Sell-Off

Traders were selling the euro during the past trading week as the European Central Bank suggested that markets interpreted its stance on monetary policy wrongly, believing it to be more hawkish than it actually is.

Great Britain Pound Fails to Recover After Brexit

The Great Britain pound was attempting to recover during the past trading week following the previous week’s Brexit shock. But it failed to do so due to the prospects for monetary stimulus from the nation’s central bank.

Euro Slumps to Fresh 7-Month Low vs. Dollar

The euro slumped on Wednesday and retained its losses during the early Thursday’s trading session, staying near the lowest level since April versus the US dollar. The currency suffered from the outlook for monetary easing from the European Central Bank and risk aversion on the Forex market.

Australian Dollar Falls on Profit-Taking

The Australian dollar fell today, after it almost reached the previous record high earlier, on the speculation that traders will sell the currency to profit from the unprecedented rally.

Canada’s Currency Becomes Stronger as Crude Oil Advances

The rally of commodities, including crude oil that jumped above $113 per barrel price, allowed the Canadian dollar to advance against its US counterpart and to post weekly gains for the third consecutive week. Canada’s currency weakened against the euro.