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NZ Dollar Gets Boost from Employment Data, Struggles to Keep Gains

The New Zealand dollar climbed at the start of the current trading session following the release of surprisingly good employment data at the end of the previous session. But the currency has trimmed its gains against some rivals and lost them against others by now.

NZ Dollar Extends Rally Fueled by RBNZ Governor Appointment

The New Zealand dollar extended yesterday’s rally today, rising for the third day in a row, as investors welcomed the news about the appointment of a new governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

NZ Dollar Soft Following RBNZ Policy Decision

The New Zealand dollar was flat-to-lower today following yesterday’s policy decision announced by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

NZD Lower vs. USD, Stable vs. Other Majors Ahead of RBNZ

The New Zealand dollar traded lower against its US counterpart today, but was stable against other majors. Traders were waiting for tomorrow’s policy decision of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

NZ Dollar Falls After Rally as New Government Outlines Policies

The New Zealand dollar was rather volatile during today’s otherwise calm trading. The currency rallied at first, but pulled back later after the new coalition government outlined their policies and plans.

NZ Dollar Fails to Hold Gains After RBNZ Policy Meeting

The New Zealand dollar attempted to rally during the Asian trading session but failed to hold onto gains and is trading near the opening level as of now.

Hawkish Monetary Policy Outlook Doesn’t Help Sterling

The outlook for monetary policies of central banks around the world were one of the main driving factors for the Forex market this week. But while the outlook for Bank of England monetary policy became more hawkish, it was not enough to support the Great Britain pound.

NZ Dollar Rallies After RBNZ Policy Meeting

The New Zealand dollar rose today after the monetary policy meeting of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand dollar, which was considered to be hawkish by market participants.

New Zealand Dollar Gains on Improving Outlook for Economy

The New Zealand dollar gained today, reaching the highest level since March 2 against its US counterpart, as the New Zealand central bank was relatively upbeat about domestic economic developments. Businesses felt the same way as the business confidence improved.

New Zealand Dollar Tumbles After RBNZ Policy Meeting

The New Zealand dollar slumped today, tumbling more than 1% against its most-traded peers, after the monetary policy statement released by the central bank turned out to be not so hawkish as market participants had expected.