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US Dollar Declines Against Major Peers Despite Upbeat Inflation Data

The US dollar fell against a basket of its major peers on Tuesday, despite an economic report that showed stronger inflation than expected last month. The greenback further weakened against the euro as the German economy displayed solid growth in the third quarter of 2017, which supported the shared currency.

US Dollar Falls as Concerns Surrounding Republican Tax Reform Grow

The US dollar lost ground against most of its major peers in early trading on Wednesday, as investors grew more concerned that a tax reform plan that Republicans prepared could be delayed. However, the greenback strengthened against the British pound as demand for the British currency fell due to a new scandal within the British government.

Canadian Dollar Climbs Against US Counterpart amid Uncertainty Surrounding Trump Plans

The Canadian dollar edged higher against its US counterpart on Monday, as investors became uncertain about the future of Donald Trump’s economic agenda. A healthcare bill that aimed to dismantle and replace Obamacare failed to pass in Congress on Friday, which raised concerns that the economic plans of the president might face a great deal of resistance.

US Dollar Maintains Losses Ahead of GOP Healthcare Plan Vote

The US dollar maintained most of the recent losses it had against major counterparts on Thursday, as investors held their positions in anticipation for a vote that decides the future of the GOP Healthcare plan.

US Dollar Weakens as Doubts Grow Against Trump Tax and Spending Plans

The US dollar weakened on Wednesday against the euro and the British pound, and touched its lowest level against the Japanese yen in four months. Doubts grew between investors toward the promises of President Donald Trump to cut corporate taxes and raise infrastructure spending, which have weighed on the greenback.

US Dollar Falls Back as Safe Haven Demand Drops

US dollar is heading a little lower today against European currencies as safe haven demand drops. Risk appetite has made its appearance in the markets, and the euro and the pound are benefitting.

Canadian Dollar Finds Some Support

Canadian dollar is fining some support today as risk appetite makes a cautious reappearance in the markets. Loonie is inching higher against many other major currencies, thanks to a little more optimism, and some strength.