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Rand Falls as Political Turmoil in South Africa Intensifies

Political turmoil in South Africa persists, and it continued to hurt the rand, which dropped more than 1% on Wednesday.

South African Rand Bounces, Jumping More Than 1% vs. Dollar

The South African rand erased yesterday’s losses today, jumping more than 1% against the US dollar.

Rand Falls as Markets Expect Gordhan to Leave Office

The South African Rand dropped today amid speculations that Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will leave his office.

South African Rand Plunges as Pravin Gordhan Summoned to Court

The South African rand plummeted today after Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan was officially summoned to court.

South African Rand Tumbles Over Political Turmoil

The South African rand fell today as political turmoil in the country made the currency not particularly attractive to investors.

South African Rand Gains After Finance Minister Appointment

The South African rand rallied today after President Jacob Zuma appointed Pravin Gordhan as a new finance minister. He is the third South African finance minister in less than a week.

Rand Drops as Economic Growth Projection Lowered

The South African rand dropped today as Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan lowered the economic growth outlook, making nation’s assets less attractive to investors. The general market sentiment was also adverse to the currency.

Rand Fluctuates on Interest Rate Speculations

The South African rand fluctuated today between gains and losses on speculations that the nation’s central bank may decrease interest rates to boost slowing economic growth of South Africa.

Rand Gains as South Africa Strives for Smaller Budget Deficit

The South African rand gained today as South Africa may avoid credit rating downgrade from rating agencies by decreasing its budget deficit faster than was previously estimated.

Carry Trade Makes South Africa’s Rand Stronger

The South African rand strengthened today against the US dollar on the speculation that the carry trade would persist, increasing the capital inflows in South Africa and bolstering the currency.