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Britain’s Manufacturing Looks Good, Pound Higher

The Great Britain pound gained against its major peers today with the help of a good manufacturing report. It was the third consecutive day of gains for the currency against the euro and the Japanese yen.

Aussie Down Intraday, Attempts to Recover

The Australian dollar dipped intraday due to disappointing manufacturing data from China but has managed to recover as of now, at least against the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Dollar Higher vs. Euro & Yen, Mixed vs. Other Majors

The US dollar continued to rally against the euro and the Japanese yen today due to divergent monetary policies of the nations’ central banks. The greenback demonstrated mixed performance against other most-traded currencies as the rebound of global stocks limited demand for the currency as a safe haven option.

Yen Under Pressure During Friday’s Trading

The Japanese yen fell against its major peers (though not against the euro) during the Friday’s trading session due to prospects for monetary tightening from the Bank of Japan. The unexpected drop of manufacturing index was not helpful to the currency either.

NZ Dollar Bounces from Daily Lows

The New Zealand was down earlier during the Wednesday’s trading session but rebounded against its major rivals. Currently, the kiwi trades above the opening level against the US dollar and the euro.

PMI Reading Helps Euro Hold Its Own

Euro is holding its today in currency trading on the FX market, in spite of global jitters related to the latest news out of China and North Korea. Better economic data is helping the 19-nation currency as some expect to see growth in 2016.

Pound Extends Move Down During Wednesday’s Trading

The Great Britain pound extended its move down today, reaching the lowest level since April against the US dollar and the lowest since October 2014 versus the Japanese yen.

NZ Dollar Hurt by News from New Zealand & Abroad

The New Zealand dollar dipped today, hurt by news from both New Zealand itself and from abroad. The currency declined for the fifth straight trading session versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Pound Ignores Supportive Construction Data

The Great Britain pound fell today, extending its decline versus the US dollar for the sixth consecutive trading session. The construction report released from the United Kingdom today was solid, but the currency shrugged off the supportive data. At the same time, the sterling managed to outperform the extremely soft euro.

Great Britain Pound Holds onto Gains vs. Dollar, Lower vs. Yen

The Great Britain pound lost some of its gains against the US dollar today, though not all of them, after the UK manufacturing index came out lower than market expectations. The sterling was falling against other major peers, including the Japanese yen.