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Rand Weakened by Credit Rating Outlook for Greece

The South African Rand fell today as the speculation that Standard & Poor’s may issue a default rating for Greece reduced attractiveness of riskier currencies.

South African Rand Advances on Demand for Metals

The South African rand touched a one-week high versus the U.S. dollar today as demand for several commodities produced in the country emerged, providing support for the African nation’s currency to advance despite negative speculations.

Gold Hits Record High Pushing South African Rand Up

South Africa is one of the world’s largest precious metals producers, and today, as the gold and platinum rose in a session of strong risk appetite, the African nation witnessed a strong bullish pattern in its currency’s chart, as optimism among traders increased.

South African Rand Top Weekly Currency on Gold Rise

The South African rand was the best performing among 16 main traded currencies in foreign-exchange markets, as demand for metallic commodities exported from the African nation rose globally, increasing their rates and influencing positive the rand’s price and attractiveness.

South African Rand Climbs on Metallic Commodities

The South African currency witnessed a rally this week that set the rand to the highest rate versus the U.S. dollar after a decreased appeal for the U.S. currency combined with an increase in rates of metallic commodities provided support for the rand to outperform a number of currencies.