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Dollar Weakens as Reports Signal About Slowdown of US Recovery

The US dollar weakened today against most other major currencies after the unemployment claims unexpectedly surged and other reports signaled that the economic recovery in the US is slowing.

Canadian Dollar Goes Down on Concerns for U.S. Economy

The Canadian dollar weakened today after the economic growth in the U.S., the biggest Canada’s trading partner, showed the signs of the slowdown, possibly reducing demand for the Canadian exports.

Dollar Falls as U.S. Economic Expansion Slows

The U.S. dollar fell today against the euro and the yen as the macroeconomic indicators suggested that the economic expansion in the U.S., while continues, is slowing its pace, curbing the appeal of the U.S. currency.

Dollar Gains on Federal Reserve Speculations

The dollar had a good performance versus the yen and several other currencies on speculations that the Federal Reserve will consider interest rate hikes before than previously announced.