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Pound Rallies on Upbeat UK Retail Sales Report and Positive Sentiment

The Sterling pound rallied against the dollar boosted by the upbeat UK retail sales report released earlier today as investor appetite for the pound remained high. The GBP/USD currency pair’s gains were limited by worries that the EU could halt vaccine shipments to the UK, slowing down its vaccination programme and retaliatory Chinese sanctions.

Pound Falls Against Dollar for Second Session on Dovish BoE Speeches

The Sterling pound fell against the resurgent dollar on February’s last trading day as institutional money managers rebalanced their portfolios to close the month. The GBP/USD currency pair fell for the second consecutive day as the dollar surged higher amid concerns that too much stimulus could be bad for the British economy.

Euro Rallies on Upbeat German GDP, Jobs, and Import Data

The euro rallied higher against the dollar boosted by the upbeat German Q4  GDP report, which beat analysts’ expectations after the German economy expanded. The EUR/USD currency pair’s rally was fueled by other positive reports from across the euro area and the positive investor sentiment, which boosted risky assets.

Euro Trades Sideways Despite Upbeat Euro Area GDP Reports

The euro today initially fell against the US dollar despite the release of positive eurozone GDP data and other GDP reports from across the euro area. The EUR/USD currency pair later rallied higher moving into positive territory boosted by the investor sentiment and the weaker greenback as the US markets opened.

US Dollar Gets Direction on Better-Than-Expected GDP, Initial Jobless Claims

The US dollar is looking to extend its gains against several major currency rivals on Thursday after a plethora of data pointed to a strengthening economy for the world’s second-largest market. The greenback, which has come under pressure this month, is benefiting from both safe-haven demand and positive macroeconomic economic developments, including first-time jobless claims and the gross domestic product.

Euro Rallies Against Dollar on Elevated Sentiment, Falls Then Rises

The euro today rallied against the US dollar twice followed by quick retracements despite the upbeat investor risk appetite that boosted risk assets. The EUR/USD currency pair today rallied then gave up all its gains before rallying again as the bulls and bears fought for control amid mixed euro area macro prints.

US Dollar Weakens As Jobless Claims Slide to Six-Month Low, Consumer Spending Jumps

The US dollar is kicking off October lower as the number of Americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits fell to a six-month low and consumers continued to show some signs of life in August. Still, the greenback is poised for a noteworthy weekly gain against many of its major currency rivals, buoyed by uncertainty in the broader financial markets.

US Dollar Mixed As GDP Beats Estimates, Fiscal Stimulus Hopes Rise

The US dollar is trading mixed against several currency counterparts midweek as investors focus more on economic data and fiscal stimulus instead of the first 2020 presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. With growing confidence in the broader financial market, the greenback could face pressure in October, but electoral uncertainty might cap its decline.

Canadian Dollar Surges Against US Peer, Later falls on GDP Data

The Canadian dollar today surged against its US peer as the latter eas reeling from yesterday’s speech by the Fed Chair Jerome Powell, which unveiled a new inflation policy. The USD/CAD currency pair today fell for the fourth consecutive session to lows last seen in January as the greenback remained under intense selling pressure.

Pound Plunges to 4-Week Lows on Brexit Jitters, Rising COVID-19 Cases

The Sterling pound today fell to new 4-week lows against the US dollar given the empty UK docket and the prevailing risk-off market sentiment, which favoured the dollar. The greenback’s rally triggered the GBP/USD currency pair’s crash amid a confluence of negative factors that weighed on the pound, including fears of a no-deal Brexit.