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Chinese Yuan Weakens As Forex Reserves, Exports Unexpectedly Rise

The Chinese yuan is weakening to kick off the trading week as the nation’s foreign exchange reserves and exports unexpectedly rose in May. With the balance of trade numbers being higher than what the market had anticipated, it might play a role in the US-China trade war, which is dragging out and could linger into the holiday season.

Chinese Yuan Rises on Confidence, CBIRC Warning of ‘Heavy Losses’ for Bears

The Chinese yuan is rising to kick off the trading week, buoyed by stronger confidence in the world’s second-largest economy and a strong warning from the nation’s top banking regulator for the currency bears. But the rally was capped by disappointing economic data and worsening trade relations with the US.

Chinese Yuan Strengthens As Beijing Talks Up Currency

The Chinese yuan is strengthening on Tuesday as the federal government continues to talk up the currency, despite bearish sentiment from foreign investors surrounding the world’s second-largest economy. As the US-China trade war escalates, there are fears that not only will the Chinese economy continue to spiral downwards, but also the global economy will contract. 

Chinese Yuan Rises on Slowing Inflation, New Stimulus Measures

The Chinese yuan is gaining against its US counterpart on Thursday on slowing inflation and recent measures by the federal government to stimulate the economy. But as Beijing employs more initiatives to spur growth, some analysts are sounding the alarm about the world’s second-largest economy pushing new “untested” policies that may or may not achieve growth officials want.

Chinese Yuan Sideways As Investors Weigh Economy

The Chinese yuan is trading sideways on Tuesday as investors continue to weigh the economy. Beijing has attempted to ease traders’ minds by confirming reports that US-China trade talks are improving and that the government and central bank are employing stimulus measures to spur growth. But some experts believe that the world’s second-largest economy is worse than officials are saying.

Chinese Yuan Strengthens Despite Weak Manufacturing Data

The Chinese yuan is strengthening against its US counterpart midweek, despite new data that shows the world’s second-largest economy had a worse December than the market had anticipated. This is leaving some central bankers to forecast a slower-than-expected fourth-quarter, which is not something the nation’s leadership wants to hear as it ignites a wave of stimulus measures.

Chinese Yuan Strengthens on Xi’s Tepid Reform Pledges

The Chinese yuan is posting modest gains against its US counterpart on Tuesday after President Xi Jinping pledged modest economic reforms. But the currency’s boost was capped by investors’ doubt that a trade agreement between the world’s two largest economies is imminent.