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Norway Central Bank Makes No Changes to Policy, Krone Climbs

The Norwegian krone climbed versus the US dollar after Norway’s central bank refrained from cutting interest rates during today’s policy meeting.

Norwegian Krone Slumps After Central Bank Cuts Key Rate

The Norwegian krone slumped today after the nation’s central bank unexpectedly cut the key policy rate and signaled that another rate decrease is probable.

Norwegian Krone Gains as Norges Bank Remains Passive

The Norwegian krone gained today following yesterday’s decision of Norway’s central bank to keep its benchmark interest rate unchanged. Such decision was widely expected by market analysts.

Norges Bank Plans No Interest Rate Cuts, Krone Jumps

The Norwegian krone jumped after Norway’s central bank refrained from an interest rate cut at today’s policy meeting. What is more, bank’s chief Oeystein Olsen hinted at a possibility of an interest rate hike after 2015.

Norway’s Interest Rates Remain Stable, Krone Gains

The Norway krone climbed today after the nation’s central bank kept interest rates unchanged and signaled that borrowing costs may start rising next year.

Norwegian Krone Rises After Central Bank’s Statement

The Norwegian krone advanced today after the central bank left its main policy rate unchanged and said that the currency has depreciated. Such wording suggests that policy makers will not take actions to weaken the krone.

NOK Drops as Olsen Says Exchange Rate Too High

The Norwegian krone weakened today as Norges Bank Governor Oeystein Olsen complained about the high exchange rate and said that the strong currency can prevent an interest rate hike.

Norges Bank Sees No Interest Rate Increase Until 2014

The Norwegian krone weakened today after the central bank left interest rates stable and signaled that no change to the monetary policy is expected until the next year.

Olsen Speaks About Interest Rate Cut, Krone Down

The Norwegian krone fell today as the head of the central bank indicated that he may ease monetary policy as a measure to bring inflation, which was slowing due to the currency’s strength, closer to the bank’s target.

Norwegian Krone Holds Ground Even as Manufacturing Struggles

Sweden was not the only country with declining manufacturing as countries all over Europe suffer from the crisis. Norway’s manufacturing also struggled, but the nation’s currency managed to hold ground, unlike the Swedish one.