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NZ Dollar Rallies as Exports Reach Record Levels

The New Zealand dollar rallied against other most-traded currencies today after nation’s trade data showed extremely positive results.

NZ Dollar Ends Session & Week Mixed, Waits for RBNZ

The New Zealand dollar was heading to end the Friday’s trading session mixed. The same goes for the whole week as the currency gained on some rivals but fell versus others. The next week should be very important for the kiwi and can help establish a more clear trend.

Weekly Support at 0.8692 Breached on NZD/CAD

The New Zealand dollar versus the Canadian dollar currency pair pierced a major support in the context of a well established bearish profile.

NZ Dollar Rallies as Economic Growth Remains Stable

The New Zealand dollar rallied today after a report showed that nation’s economic growth remained stable.

NZ Dollar Rises on Current Account Surplus, Fails to Hold onto Gains

The New Zealand dollar attempted to rally today on the back of a better-than-expected current account reading, but by now the currency has lost its gains and trades below the opening level against most-traded rivals.

NZ Dollar Drops as Manufacturing Slows

The New Zealand dollar dropped against other most-traded currencies today as nation’s manufacturing sector almost stopped expanding last month. The general negative market sentiment wasn’t helping the currency either.

NZD/CAD to Test the Important 0.8692 Weekly Level

The pair could have a place to recover from, but the current context might just favor the continuation of the descent.

AUD/NZD Facing a Dilemma at the Important 1.0546 Support

The Australian dollar versus the New Zealand dollar currency pair is caught in between the bullish and bearish plans, with both parties being of equal strength right now.

NZ Dollar Falls on Market Sentiment, Domestic Data

The New Zealand dollar fell today as negative domestic macroeconomic data and the risk-off market sentiment drove the currency down.

Bulls Back in the Loop on NZD/CAD

The New Zealand dollar versus the Canadian dollar appreciated after confirming the important weekly 0.8692 support.