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Canadian Dollar Renews 2021 Rally Against US Peer?

The Canadian dollar could be renewing its 2021 rally against its US peer in the middle of the trading week, buoyed by better-than-expected economic data from earlier this year. The loonie also found additional support on rising crude oil prices and optimism for future economic prospects. Can the Canadian dollar break below 1.25 next month?

USD/CAD Tests 1.25 As Falling Crude Prices, Fed Meeting Weigh on Loonie

The Canadian dollar is modestly sliding against its US peer in the middle of the trading week, ostensibly hitting the pause button as one of the world’s top-performing currencies. The loonie is paring its gains mostly on falling energy prices, as well as investors seeking shelter in conventional safe-haven assets, like the US dollar and the Swiss franc. But what about domestic data?

Russian Ruble Slips on Higher Producer Prices, Capped by Energy Rally

The Russian ruble weakened against its US peer on Tuesday as higher producer prices and weaker industrial production weighed on the currency. The ruble has recorded modest gains against the greenback, driven by rising energy prices and broader optimism in the nation’s economic recovery.

Canadian Dollar Strengthens Amid Better-Than-Expected November GDP

The Canadian dollar strengthened against its US peer to close out the trading week, capping off a disappointing month as the greenback recorded gains against most of its currency competitors. The loonie found support on a decent economic performance toward the end of last year, suggesting that the economy is recovering at a modest pace, despite the likelihood that the nation contracted last year. Can the loonie recover in February?

Canadian Dollar Falls As Crude Oil Slumps, Keystone XL Pipeline Canceled

The Canadian dollar is weakening against its US peer to finish the trading week, paring most of its gains from recent sessions. The loonie is slumping amid declining crude oil prices and developments on the Keystone XL pipeline front. But positive economic data offset some of the bearish news. Could the currency’s push over the last several months come to a screeching halt?

Canadian Dollar Strengthens on Oil Rally, Manufacturing Rebound

The Canadian dollar is kicking off 2021 with a bang against the US dollar as the currency broke the 1.27 mark on Tuesday. The loonie is mostly benefiting from rallying energy prices and a recovery in the manufacturing sector. How much room for growth will there be this year? Should the greenback maintain its downward trend and oil prices extend their gains into 2021, the loonie could have a bullish year.

USD/CAD Falls Amid Quiet Holiday Market Session, Crude Oil Rally

The Canadian dollar is adding to its 2020 gain against its US peer on Tuesday, driven by rising crude oil prices and a greater risk appetite in the broader financial markets. The loonie has stabilized for the last several months, with much of its rally occurring since September. Could the loonie ignite a significant rally next year?

Canadian Dollar Strengthens as US Crude Tops $45, Biden Transition Formally Approved

The Canadian dollar is strengthening against its US peer on Tuesday as crude oil prices rallied to above $45. The loonie has surged by more than 1% this month, making the currency on track to erase its 2020 loss after stabilizing in the second half of the year. With soaring energy prices and a national economy recovering in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, is the Canadian dollar setting itself up as the next top currency in 2021?

Russian Ruble Flat As October GDP, Retail Sales Disappoint

The Russian ruble is trading relatively flat against several currency peers to close out the trading week. The ruble has witnessed a resurgence this week as foreign exchange traders poured into the currency amid a significant rally in Brent crude oil prices. But the gains may have been capped by disappointing economic data. With tighter lockdown restrictions in Europe, could the ruble come under pressure in the home stretch of 2020?

Canadian Dollar Flat As Investors Weigh August GDP, Crashing Oil Prices

The Canadian dollar is struggling for direction against a plethora of currencies at the end of the trading week as investors balance a slightly better-than-expected gross domestic product (GDP) in August and cratering crude oil prices. The loonie was impacted earlier this week after the central bank forecast that a recovery would not occur until 2022.