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Pound Rallies Against US Dollar on Strong UK Housing Data

The British pound today rallied higher against the US dollar in the early European session despite the release of weak UK manufacturing data. The pound’s rally was largely triggered by the weaker US dollar and positive UK housing data released by Nationwide Building Society earlier in the session.

Pound Gains on Dollar, Remains Weak Against Other Majors

The Great Britain pound rose against the US dollar during Tuesday’s trading but fell against other currencies, including the euro.

Great Britain Pound Logs Gains After Economic Data

The Great Britain pound rallied today, reaching the strongest level in a month versus the US dollar, as macroeconomic data from the United Kingdom was relatively positive. The softness of the US currency added to the upside momentum of the sterling.

Pound Mixed After Thursday’s Data

The Great Britain pound was mixed after today’s economic data from the United Kingdom. The currency was stable against the US dollar, fell versus the euro and rose versus the Japanese yen.

Pound Gains vs. Dollar, Retreats vs. Yen

The Great Britain pound gained today against the US dollar on the back of relatively positive housing data. Gains were limited though, and the currency dropped versus the Japanese yen.

UK Pound Gains as HPI Rises

The Great Britain pound advanced today after a good report about house prices, yet gains were limited as not all today’s data from the United Kingdom was particularly good.

GBP Ends Session Higher vs. USD, Flat vs. JPY, Soft vs. EUR

The Great Britain pound ended the Friday session higher against the US dollar with the help of positive domestic fundamentals. The sterling was flat versus the Japanese yen and was not able to outperform the euro.

UK Housing Market Looks Good, Beneficial for Sterling

The Great Britain pound ticked up today as a report confirmed that Britain’s housing sector continues to expand, albeit with slower pace. The sterling was heading for a third straight session of gains against the Japanese yen, but has retreated at the present time.

Pound Drops with Consumer Confidence, Losses Limited

The Great Britain pound slipped today, following the advance to multi-year highs, as Britons’ confidence unexpectedly worsened in November. Losses were limited as the housing market demonstrated good performance.

GBP/JPY Drops on Consumer Confidence, GBP/USD Erases Losses

The Great Britain pound dropped versus the Japanese yen today with the decline of consumer confidence, but erased losses versus the US dollar after the positive report about house prices.