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NZ Dollar Defies Negative Fundamentals, Bouncing After Decline

The New Zealand dollar rallied today after falling earlier. Surprisingly, the rally started after the release of disappointing macroeconomic reports in China — New Zealand’s biggest trading partner. Domestic macroeconomic data, which was not that great as well, had smaller impact on the currency. Yet it was also puzzling, driving the kiwi slightly higher, not lower.

Chinese Yuan Rises on Services PMI, Capped by Manufacturing Contraction

The Chinese yuan is making significant gains against its major currency rivals towards the end of the trading week. The yuan is rising on the latest services economic data, but the currency’s rally was capped by concerning manufacturing news.

Australian Dollar Posts Small Losses After China’s Growth Slows

The Australian dollar demonstrated small losses during the current trading session after economic data showed slowing growth in China, Australia’s biggest trading partner. Trading was quieter than usual today as US markets are closed for a holiday.

Chinese Yuan Flat on Final Day of 2018

The Chinese yuan is closing 2018 flat against its American counterpart as investors brace for a new year. Experts contend that the yuan should have a better 2019, but only if the world’s two largest economies find a balance on trade. For now, the economic data is grim and pessimism reigns supreme.

Australian Dollar Trades Lower After China’s Data Misses Expectations

The Australian dollar declined today after China released a bunch of macroeconomic indicators, some of which missed expectations. China is Australia’s biggest trading partner, making its economic well-being very important for the Australian economy and currency.

Chinese Yuan Weakens As Swine Fever Adds to Economic Woes

The Chinese yuan is weakening on Tuesday as new reports of African swine fever are sending economic ripples across the nation’s agricultural sector. The bearish news did not end there as industrial profits slowed in October and forecasts show growth will cool down next year.

Chinese Yuan Rises Despite Disappointing Economic Data

The Chinese yuan is gaining against its American counterpart midweek, despite a myriad of disappointing economic numbers that show the national economy is not on strong footing. It is evident by now that Beijing will be unable to weather the storm clouds forming from the US-China trade war.

Aussie Reacts Negatively to China’s Disappointing Retail Sales

The Australian dollar attempted to rally during the Wednesday’s trading session but fell later. Some market analysts attributed the decline to the worse-than-expected retail sales in China. China’s macroeconomic data often has strong impact on the Australian currency because China is Australia’s biggest trading partner. Economic reports released in Australia itself over the current session were good.

NZD & AUD Firm Despite China’s GDP Miss

The New Zealand dollar, as well as its Australian counterpart, was strong today. The currencies rose against their most-traded rivals even as economic growth in China, the biggest trading partner of both New Zealand and Australia, was slower than expected. The miss was small, though, and other Chinese macroeconomic indicators were within expectations.

Australian Dollar Flat After RBA Minutes, China’s Inflation Data

The Australian dollar was basically flat against most of its major peers following the release of policy minutes by the Reserve Bank of Australia and inflation data in China, Australia’s biggest trading partner.