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NZ Dollar Bounce After Decline Caused by China’s Data

The New Zealand dollar fell today following the release of reports that showed slower growth of both consumer and producer prices in China, New Zealand’s biggest trading partner. Yet the currency managed to bounce and is now trading either at or above the opening levels versus its most-traded rivals.

Yuan Gains on Dollar After China Releases Set of Solid Economic Indicators

The Chinese yuan gained in the US dollar today following the release of positive macroeconomic data in China.

Australian Dollar Lifted by Domestic Data

The Australian dollar stabilized after yesterday’s sell-off, edging a little higher versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen, though continuing to fall against the euro for the fourth straight day. It looks like traders paid more attention to the positive domestic data than to the reports from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner.

Aussie Flat-to-Lower After Australian & Chinese Reports

The Australian dollar traded flat-to-lower today, the same as its New Zealand counterpart, even though macroeconomic reports from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner, were good. Domestic economic data was not so good, though.

AUD Gains on USD, Falls vs. Other Major Despite Supportive Data

The Australian dollar rallied against its US counterpart but fell against other most-traded rivals during the current trading session. That is despite the strong domestic employment data and decent macroeconomic reports released from China, Australia’s biggest trading partner.

New Zealand Dollar Stable, Ignores China’s Lackluster Data

The New Zealand dollar was stable today even as China’s macroeconomic data was disappointing, dragging Asian stocks down. China is the biggest trading partner of New Zealand, therefore economic performance of the Asian nation often strongly affects the South Pacific currency.

Aussie Shows No Reaction to Good News from China

Macroeconomic indicators released in China today were very good, painting a positive picture of the nation’s economy. Considering that China is the biggest trading partner of Australia, it was reasonable to expect the Australian dollar to rally on the news. But that did not happen.

Aussie Ignores Negative Domestic Data with Help from China’s Reports

The Australian dollar rallied today despite unfavorable domestic macroeconomic data. A possible reason for the rally was economic data released in China, which was rather good.

Aussie Goes Higher on Positive Data from Australia & Abroad

The Australian dollar rallied today as economic data, both domestic and from abroad, was supportive to the currency, allowing it to rally to multi-year highs against some of its rivals.

Australian Dollar Falls, China’s Data Fails to Support

The Australian dollar fell against its most traded peers today even though relatively decent economic data released from China should have been supportive for Australia’s currency.