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Euro Ends Week with Losses vs. Dollar, Mixed Against Other Currencies

The euro demonstrated big losses against the US dollar this week, falling to the lowest level in more than two years. The euro’s performance against other currencies was mixed: the shared 18-nation currency ended the week lower against the Great Britain pound, flat versus the Australian dollar while against the Japanese yen, the euro reached a new multi-year high.

Yen Gains, Under Pressure from Credit Rating Downgrade

The Japanese yen rallied yesterday and maintained its gains today. The currency was under pressure after Moody’s Investor Service decided to cut Japan’s credit rating on Monday. The yen remained soft against the Great Britain pound.

Russian Ruble Tumbles After Moody’s Downgrade

The Russian ruble sank today following Friday’s announcement from Moody’s about a downgrade of Russia’s credit rating due to the damage that sanctions from the United States and the European Union have done to the already fragile Russian economy.

Mexico’s Credit Rating Makes Peso Attractive

The Mexican peso maintained its bullish momentum today after Moody’s Investor Service upgraded the nation’s credit rating last week, increasing the attractiveness of Mexico’s assets to investors.

Brazilian Real Falls as Moody’s Changes Outlook

The Brazilian real weakened today after Moody’s Investor Service maintained Brazil’s government bond rating, but changed the outlook from positive to stable.

Moody’s Raises Turkey’s Credit Rating, Lira Remains Soft

The Turkish lira was a bit soft today even as Moody’s Investor Service increased Turkey’s credit rating, making nation’s assets more appealing to investors.

UK Pound Drops vs. Euro on Credit Downgrade

UK pound saw a bit of a drop today in response to the recent downgrade for Britain’s credit rating. however, the loss of its triple-A rating hasn’t weighed too heavily on the pound, even though it has had an effect.

CAD/JPY Drops as Moody’s Downgrades Canadian Banks, Rebounds

The Canadian dollar fell against the Japanese yen today after Moody’s Investor Service cut credit ratings of several Canadian banks. Later, the loonie erased losses. The currency gained versus the US dollar and the euro.

Rupee’s Appeal for Investors Increases

The Indian rupee strengthened today amid foreign inflows into the nation’s economy and the positive outlook of investors that increased attractiveness of Indian assets.

Sterling Gains vs. Euro as Talks About Greek Aid Fail

The Great Britain pound advanced against the euro today after talks among European Union finance ministers failed, increasing the appeal of the sterling as a refuge from the European crisis. The currency remained weak versus the US dollar.